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Power Rankings Recap: Looking at where FC Dallas landed after Week 31 & 32

Now the playoff spot has been clinched for FC Dallas as they focus on securing a home playoff game.

MLS: FC Dallas at San Jose Earthquakes Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the classic, double week thing that MLS loves to pull. Week 31 was a midweek, while Week 32 was a weekend. Come on guys, let’s just call them Matchday instead next year.

Anyways, FC Dallas clinched a playoff spot with their draw in San Jose, which wasn’t a great performance overall. Still, the fact that they’re able to get a result on the road in a tough environment bodes well for the upcoming playoffs.

Here is a look at where things stand, plus some comments from those who provide them: - 5 (down 1)

Comment: FC Dallas are officially a playoff team. Full credit to Nico Estevez and company for an outstanding year one. And they’ve done it largely with academy guys and proven MLS guys like Paul Arriola. They’ve gotten so much right and will probably go ahead and wrap up a home playoff spot soon as well.

Also: It’s nice to be No. 1 (again).

ESPNFC - 5 (down 1)

Comment: After a season full of games in which it controlled things but couldn’t close it out for full points, Dallas went to San Jose and stole a point in a match that it spent on its heels. Look at Dallas adding a fun new tool to its belt.

Here are rankings for those who don’t leave comments:

I’m sure there are others out that project and discuss things like this. Feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will try to add them next week. I do know some out there are either a week or three behind (US Soccer Players) or are behind a paywall (Soccer by Ives).