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FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from Dallas’ loss in the Emerald City.

FC Dallas picked up another loss at Lumen Field last night in a 1-0 defeat to the Seattle Sounders.

Head Coach Nico Estévez

On the squad rotations and changes in such a short time period…“We knew after the LA Galaxy game we would have such a short turnaround. We needed to analyze every player because we have players like Paul (Arriola), Jesús (Ferreira) and Paxton (Pomykal) who are frequent starters. We played on a turf field, so we tried to give those players that have racked up minutes in the past few games a rest because we know how turf can affect players. We had to make a rotation, and we had a plan to hold the 0-0 draw throughout the first half. We knew they had a difficult time breaking down our backline of five and it allowed us to have some possession of the ball. I will admit we have not been the best in holding the ball. Defensively I felt like we were fine, but the game was decided by one play. We had an opportunity at the end through Ferreira who headed the ball in the box. But in the second half, (we knew) Seattle would try and hold on to the lead and that is why we made the substitution at the half. We were getting in the game, but today we were not the best in the final third of the game. We would create the chances but our end product was not the best. The final pass, run, cross or shot was not at its best. It’s difficult scoring like that because we would make decisions that cost us from being able to get a scoring opportunity. In these games, especially against tough opponents, it can be decided by one play.”

On working for a result in Portland…“It’s an important match, regardless of the result tonight. For us, we will look for three points. Since the moment we left Frisco we knew that these two games would be tough. The most important takeaway from today is that we need to believe in each other more. We need to believe that we can play our game and control aspects of the game like we do at home. The group is still developing and we sometimes the second guess. We just need that determination to get something positive from these road games. Saturday’s game will be a battle, playing in Portland is difficult with the atmosphere and the aggressive style of soccer they have. We will recover mentally and physically. We will take it easy tomorrow and get back to normal training on Thursday and Friday.”

On the young players’ contribution tonight…“The young guys know that we believe in the players’ development. We teach them that in every game there is always something you can take away and learn from. That is the best way to improve as a player. Playing away from home should not change the way they normally play at home. Having them feature in games away from home should help them develop and mature so they can practice what they are learning. Joshué (Quiñónez) did well defensively. In the penalty kick play, both him and Nkosi (Tafari) did not catch on the run behind them. But we will go over that play with the players so that doesn’t happen again. Overall, he did great to recover possession and he might need a little bit more training with carrying the ball and understanding how to play in that position. He was fast and he was able to cope with (Jordan) Morris’ pace. There are positives we can take and it’s all part of his development.”

Goalkeeper Maarten Paes

On the play that resulted in a penalty kick…“They were quite dangerous with the through balls to Jordan Morris, we knew that beforehand because he’s a very dangerous player in that area. As a goalie, you try to anticipate and try to help the club. I think just a few moments before, I did a really good sliding out on a ball, and this time, I have to look back, but of course, I think if I make the decision I still have to make a play on the ball. I have to see it back because it went really fast and there was a collision with three guys. Yeah, I gave my everything, it was a big collision and suddenly you have to defend a PK.”

On guessing the direction of the kick…“Of course, we do our homework, I said it after the last game as well from the last nine (penalty kicks by Seattle’s Nicolás Lodeiro), I think he put seven in that corner so then the odds are always on your side if you do that, so I went full out. I saw on replay he put it on the side so I don’t know even if I hit that corner if I would have reached it.”

On the current road trip mentality…“I think it’s just the same as we always do. Of course, these teams are two competitors for the playoffs, Galaxy and Salt Lake were as well. And yeah, after those games, we also prepared ourselves for this game. And of course, we had two and a half days of rest so it’s not the most days you get but it’s the end of the season at the moment, all games are now finals, so we just have to approach them one-by-one, it sounds maybe a bit cliche, but they’re all finals. In MLS, almost everyone is a competitor for the playoffs.”