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FC Dallas vs Nashville SC: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from the bad loss in Nashville.

FC Dallas suffered their worst loss of the 2022 season last night in Nashville, losing 4-0.

Head Coach Nico Estévez

What do you tell the team after tonight’s match…“First of all, Nashville was the best team out there tonight. When a team is better than you, you are not able to say anything else. This is the least amount of intensity you will see from us as we are in pursuit of achieving our goal this season. We are coming off a few weeks where we have had two to three matches in a week. Mid-game weeks and weekend games can tire our players mentally and psychically. We felt like most of our starters recovered well so which is why we went with them. Plus we knew the importance of tonight’s match as well. We were not ready mentally and we were not fully psychically ready to compete with Nashville after their performance tonight.”

On Beni Redžić’s appearance…“We wanted more players up top, and players that could capitalize off crosses. We stuck him up there near Franco (Jara) so we could give the Nashville defenders some trouble. He came on in a tough moment of the match, plus we had to change the way we were playing. He struggled finding some spaces, but he has been working hard and I am happy for him.”

Defender Ema Twumasi

On moving on from the result…“It was a rough night for us. It’s hard to pinpoint what went wrong tonight. They had more energy than we did and they knocked us out right when the game started. I feel like we could’ve bounced back but we didn’t and they got another goal and put the game to bed. We had three games this week, we got six points. The main goal was to get nine points this week, unfortunately, we came up short. We have to regroup and focus on the next one. We’ve got a big game coming on Saturday so we’ve got to shift our attention to the one on Saturday.”

On the halftime message from head coach Nico Estévez…“Just to keep fighting. It was 3-0 and there are crazy things in this league. Any time in the game you feel like you can come back. We went into the second half with more energy and tried to get a goal early. If we had got a goal, I think the game would’ve been different. It was a very tough night for us and we have to flip the page for next weekend.”

Midfielder Beni Redžić

On the message heading into the second half…“He just told us to go out there and do our best because it is MLS, anything can happen. You can pull back three goes in an instance. So we’ll just go on and work as a team and press and press hard and that’s it basically.”

On how he felt hearing he was coming into the match…“Oh, obviously I was ecstatic, I was ready to help the team and influence the game on my part. And it’s like you said it was hard game to come into but we kept a good mentality and try to press forward.”