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FC Dallas vs New York City FC: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ latest loss.

FC Dallas extended their winless run to six games on Wednesday night in a 1-0 loss to New York City FC.

Head Coach Nico Estévez

On the formation change in tonight’s match…“There were two reasons why I played the 4-2-2 formation. We had Facundo (Quignon) and Brandon (Servania) out, and then we had to rest Paxton (Pomykal). We noticed that New York City FC likes to be aggressive with their two center backs. Having the two forwards would help us get one-on-one situations in the box. We were able to get wide quicker and get a lot of crosses in. If you look at the goals NYCFC have conceded a good amount of goals from crosses. We had 37 today and we were unable to score. They played a back line of three which is why we went with the 4-4-2. We would attack their central guy two-on-one. We made their play style narrow, so we were able to get our fullbacks to go forward. We created chances but we just couldn’t finish our chances. It’s a type of game where if we score, we are able to win the game.”

On facing Austin FC…“Every game is very important, whether we win or lose. Every game is very important. We have a need right now. We get in positions to win games, but we are lacking that need and desire to win the games. Every game we are knocking that door and getting closer. We can not lose our mind because we will create mistakes that will not allow us to win games. Against Austin we will always play for the win. We were close whenever we played over there in their field. We know they are a team on a good run but we will be ready to battle.”

Forward Paul Arriola

On the match tonight…“Yeah, tough. I think we obviously deserved more. We made one mistake and, obviously, they took advantage of it. And then, obviously, offensively we’re dry. So, you know, definitely, for us it’s a frustrating one and one we definitely think that we should have won that game.” On the Austin match…“Yeah, it’s huge, especially right now with our winless streak that we’re on. It’s important and it’s a winnable game just to kind of bounce back and get three points against a rival.”

Defender Eddie Munjoma

“I think what happened is one of them, I think it’s just, we’re at a time in the season where things aren’t going our way. And at the beginning of the season, you know, a lot of things did go our way, we just gotta grind through what’s going on, and, you know, have faith that we’re gonna turn things around. “ “I mean, it means a lot, obviously, I’ve put in a lot of work for it. I still, you know, feel like I need to get back in rhythm a little bit. It’s been a while since I’ve played, you know, 90 minutes, not just this season, but in a long time at this level. So, I want to keep working on that. And I hope to get more opportunities. But again, you know, it’s, it’s a credit to the team and you know, they push me every week in training opportunity. So hopefully, I can just keep building play tonight.”