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FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo: Game grades

FC Dallas gave up a late goal to drop more points at home.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo FC Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, FC Dallas drew 2-2 against the Houston Dynamo in a classic Texas Derby full of drama. This draw left Dallas in the fourth position in the western conference, just one point above the final playoff spot.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo FC Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Maarten Paes (GK) - 6.3

While Paes didn’t do much from a distribution perspective (26th percentile), he made up for it with a solid goalkeeping grade in the 79th percentile. The Dutch goalkeeper completed just 76% of his total passes and 55% of his long passes, both of which rank him below the 30th percentile. As for his goalkeeping, Paes prevented around one goal, according to post-shot expected goals, which is well above average (80th percentile).

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo FC Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Ema Twumasi (RB) - 4.7

Apart from his dribbling (which nearly led to a goal), Twumasi was slightly below-average in this match. Defensively, Twumasi ranked in just the 42nd percentile and his passing and playmaking was arguably worse as the Ghanian ranked in only the 37th percentile for his passing and just the seventh percentile for his playmaking. As you can see, Twumasi offered basically no playmaking threat going forward, which is somewhat uncharacteristic of him. He’ll look to improve on this performance in Dallas’ next outing against NYC.

SOCCER: MAR 05 MLS - FC Dallas at New England Revolution Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jose Martinez (CB) - 4.4

Like most of the back line for Dallas, Martinez did not have that great of a game as none of his grades ranked above the 50th percentile. However, apart from his aerials, where he was virtually nonexistent, and his carrying grade (31st percentile), the Spaniard wasn’t far from being average. Defensively, Martinez scored in the 44th percentile and his passing was solid as he landed in the 48th percentile. Hopefully, he can elevate these grades a bit more, which would certainly help Dallas with some of their recent defensive issues.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo FC Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Hedges (CB) - 5.1

Apart from his defensive grade, which was abysmal, Hedges had a pretty solid game as scored a goal off a set-piece (contributing to his above-average aerial grade) and displayed some solid passing (66th percentile) and carrying (47th percentile). However, as previously stated, the one thing that held Hedges back from achieving a higher rating was his defense, which ranked in just the 13th percentile. Honestly, to have a center back even attain an above-average rating with such a poor defensive performance speaks to the variety of skills that he possesses. Regardless, all of the Dallas defenders in this match received a below-average defensive score, and they will definitely need to elevate their performances over the following weeks to maintain a spot in the playoffs.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo FC Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Marco Farfan (LB) - 3.3

Farfan did not have a good game against the Dynamo, as he struggled on both sides of the field. The American ranked below the 20th percentile for his defensive and playmaking categories and while his dribbling and passing were improvements (he ranked in the 42nd percentile for both), those are two key categories which heavily influenced and lowered his rating. Farfan usually scores fairly well defensively, so this game could have been somewhat of a fluke, but he was also subbed off injured and it didn’t look good at all, which would be a big loss for Dallas.

SOCCER: MAY 22 MLS - Minnesota United at FC Dallas Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tsiki Ntsabeleng (CM) - N/A

Ntsabeleng got subbed off early around the 25th minute, so unfortunately he didn’t record enough total actions to warrant an objective player grade.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo FC Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Facundo Quignon (CDM) - 6.2

Quignon had a solid overall performance against the Dynamo, as he ranked above-average for every category except his defensive grade, which was slightly below-average in the 42nd percentile. The Argentine scored in the 74th percentile for his total actions, 64th percentile for his passing, and the 57th percentile for his offensive contribution, which capped off a well-rounded performance, but I would like to see more from Quignon in the defending department in future games.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo FC Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Paxton Pomykal (CM) - 5.6

Pomykal had somewhat of a shaky performance against the Dynamo as he was pretty much a nonfactor defensively, ranking in only the 28th percentile, but he contributed to the team through his passing and offensive contributions, as both ranked around the 58th percentile. He also recorded one shot on target, which nearly beat Steve Clark, and played a direct role in the attack with his three shot-creating actions and one goal-creating action.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo FC Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Arriola (RW) - 2.7

While Velasco shined in his first Texas Derby, Arriola struggled to involve himself in the game which can be seen from his total actions, where the American ranked in only the 20th percentile. Additionally, apart from his passing and defending, where Arriola scored in the 34th and 37th percentile, the American ranked below the 25th percentile for his remaining categories (playmaking, defending/pressing, and offensive). Hopefully, Arriola can regain his form prior to the international break because his last two performances for Dallas haven’t been that great.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo FC Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Jesus Ferreira (CF) - 6.9

While Ferreira scored a nice goal and recorded a decently high shooting grade in the 61st percentile, he also wasn’t consistently involved in the game. His total actions and pressing were slightly below-average for strikers as both ranked around the 40th percentile, but his passing was very poor, as the American landed in just the 22nd percentile. Hopefully, Ferreira can impact the game in more ways rather than just his shooting because we know that he has the quality to do so, he just needs to be a bit more consistent.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo FC Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Alan Velasco (LW) - 8.8

Velasco had a good performance in his first Texas Derby, as he recorded an assist on a well-taken set-piece and ranked above or at the 65th percentile for all of his major grades apart from his defending/pressing. More specifically, Velasco landed in the 79th percentile for his passing, 71st percentile for his playmaking, 83rd percentile for his dribbling, and the 65th percentile for his overall offensive contribution. Although Velasco took on a lot of dribbles and offensive duels, he still maintained a high success rate which is a great sign for his future and the future of this FC Dallas team.


Brandon Servania (CM) - 3.5

Despite coming on in around the 25th minute for Tsiki Ntsabeleng, Servania did not have much of an impact on this game, apart from his two yellow cards, which accumulated in a red card. If that’s a player’s main highlight in a game, you can already infer that their performance was not a good one. The statistics highlight this too as Servania ranked in the 47th percentile for his passing and the 42nd and 39th percentile for his defensive and offensive contribution. This is now two games this season where Servania has come on as a substitute and then gotten sent off, so hopefully, this doesn’t happen again this season.

Edwin Cerrillo (CDM) - 3.3

Coming off the bench as a sub, Cerrillo really struggled to get into the game and as a result, received a low rating for this match. Cerrllo’s lack of involvement can be viewed in his total actions grade, where the American ranked in only the 23rd percentile. This, in turn, influenced all of his other actions as he ranked in the 47th percentile for his passing, 37th percentile for his defense, and only the 14th percentile for his offensive grade.

Nkosi Tafari () - N/A

Jader Obrian () - N/A

Nanu () - N/A

Franco Jara () - N/A

These players aren’t graded because I currently do not have a grading system that will fairly evaluate players, who played under 30 minutes compared to the rest of the team, who played most of the game. This is something that I want to improve upon in the future.