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Power Rankings Recap: Looking at where FC Dallas landed after Week 18

Yep, another disappointing result to discuss

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo FC Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

The 2022 edition of the Texas Derby was certainly a wild one that we’ll be discussing for a while. FC Dallas came away with a 2-2 draw to reclaim the Derby crown and the El Capitan cannon for that matter. But the draw was still rather disappointing in the end considering FCD held the lead twice and gave it up twice.

Here is a look at where things stand, plus some comments from those who provide them: - 10 (same)

Comment: A win wasn’t in the plot for FC Dallas on Hector Herrera night. The script is the script sometimes. But hey, El Capitan is still their’s this year.

ESPNFC - 7 (up 2)

Comment: Rivalry Week is a relatively new concept, so it’s only natural to question its authenticity. Arriola yelling into the Houston crowd, while being pelted with cups and bottles, gesturing for them to bring it on; Jesus Ferreira, scoring at that time the go-ahead goal, stood with arms outstretched, drinking in the hate and whatever beverages FCD fans threw his way. These are the instances when we’re reminded that Rivalry Week is more than a marketing exercise. This was a thriller, end-to-end action, and a 2-2 scoreline that will leave everyone wanting that little bit more.

(But seriously, though, if you’re a fan throwing objects at players, what’s wrong with you? Go home, and don’t come back.)

Here are rankings for those who don’t leave comments:

I’m sure there are others out that project and discuss things like this. Feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will try to add them next week. I do know some out there are either a week behind (US Soccer Players) or are behind a paywall (Soccer by Ives).