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FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from a very wild Texas Derby.

FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo played to a very wild and crazy 2-2 draw on Saturday evening at PNC Stadium. The result saw FC Dallas reclaim El Capitan as winners of the Texas Derby in 2022.

Head Coach Nico Estévez

Overall thoughts on the match..“From the start we knew it would be a very difficult match. We had to make a change 20 minutes into the match, and the weather today was so hot that it made it difficult for our players. It is not easy at all to play in these kinds of conditions for both teams.”

On earning a point on the road…“Getting a point today was crucial. When we subbed Tsiki off, we felt that something was not clicking on the field. Having the mentality of fighting and not giving up was great from the boys. To earn a point on the road with all the challenges we encountered says a lot. The team is still learning how to close out games, because last season it seemed like that was difficult to do. We will keep improving and working on the way we close out games.”

On Marco Farfan’s status…“Marco suffered a severe cut near his mouth from the collision. He lost consciousness and memory in that play. He is stable now, and he is heading to hospital to get scans done. We will go from there and we will see what the outcome of his scans are.”

Midfielder Paxton Pomykal

On the intensity of this Derby match“That may be the craziest one. Yeah, you could see the intensity and the flare. To be fair, both sides were aggressive and challenges were flying in but I thought both teams were pretty respectful of one another. In the heat of the battle sometimes it can get intense like that but kudos to them for getting their fans to try to calm down, to make the most out of the game and try to keep it a professional environment. Definitely intense, flying and the tackles were going for sure.”

Goalkeeper Maarten Paes

Overall thoughts on the match…“It was a rollercoaster. At the moment, we’re very disappointed, of course. A win was in our hands. Very disappointing of course. We wanted to give Dallas a victory because it’s a dog (fight) and you have extra motivation to win for supporters in the stands. It’s very bitter to lose, really a draw, but it’s bitter like this.”

Midfielder Facundo Quignon

Overall thoughts on the match…“This derby, things happen. All the things that happen in the last minutes. I think we played good soccer. Sometimes because of the heat or the position that they played wide, they have to be a little more back. We have to close this space. In the last minutes they tied. I think it’s our responsibility. We have to keep improving because we lost some points in the last few games and in this last game. So we have to keep going and keep playing better and trying to get focused.”