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North Texas SC returns against Colorado Rapids 2

After a two week hiatus, North Texas returns to action without a couple of their stars.

On Saturday, North Texas SC will take on a struggling Colorado Rapids 2 at the University of Denver Stadium in Denver, Colorado.

Coming off of a 3-0 win against the Real Monarchs, the squad will return to high altitude once again, this time against a struggling Rapids 2. A Rapids team that has faced devastating results all season, including a four game losing streak in which they’ve been outscored 16-2.

Prior to their current losing streak they fell 3-1 to North Texas back in April in Choctaw Stadium.

You would think past results would give North Texas the feeling of the upper hand in this one, however Coach Pah-Modou Kah said that “This is a new game, whatever transpired in the past doesn’t reflect upon what’s going to happen on Saturday.”

True or not, Kah will at least be entering the game with a drastically different lineup than last time.

Although this roster holds plenty of depth, they will still miss some defensive stars that have combined to allow the fewest goals in MLS Next Pro.

Entering the bye week, three players: Antonio Carrera, Nolan Norris, and Paul Amedume were each being considered for their country’s youth national team.

Whereas the first two will not be in attendance, the latter of which entered his break under concussion protocol and looks to have rejoined North Texas.

This is a great sign for NTX, because although Alejandro Araneda impressed in his first start of the season, he starred alongside Norris. If he is to start for the side once again, he’ll have to adjust to a new pairing in the backline.

The rest of the guys should be fresh however. Kah described their time off as a “great weekend to recharge the batteries and keep our guys thinking and having that competitive edge.”

Time off also gave the team time to orchestrate numerous practice competitions, experiment with a few new looks, and allowed the players to work a bit more on themselves.

Newly Americanized Bernard Kamungo happily spent his time preparing for his naturalization ceromony, whereas Coach Kah got a bit of time to travel across Texas with his family.

Tonight, North Texas will look to recapture the top of the league table.

Rapids 2 have been bleeding goals as of recently and key players Hope Avayevu, José Mulato, Pablo Torre, and Kamungo will look to capitalize on another chance to dominate their competition.

Make sure to catch the stream on and comment your thoughts on the team’s performance.