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Power Rankings Recap: Looking at where FC Dallas landed after Week 9

The latest draw for FC Dallas didn’t help out their ranking all that much.

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting Kansas City Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas picked up their latest draw on the road against rivals Sporting Kanas City. The latest pollsters took the draw and were left as puzzled by it as some of us were.

Here is a look at where things stand, plus some comments from those who provide them: - 9 (down 1)

Comment: Another week, another moment of being a little more confused about exactly how good Dallas actually are. Alan Velasco and Jesus Ferreira score stunners? I start thinking they’re really good. They give up two goals and draw with an SKC team weathering a less-than-ideal start? I start thinking and my brain breaks a bit before I go back to watching Ferreira’s goal again.

Velasco and Ferreira are absolutely the genuine product at least, and things probably turn out much better for Dallas if Brandon Servania doesn’t come on at the 60th minute, get a yellow in the 63rd and get sent off in the 67th. They were potentially a second yellow away from sitting on 18 points in nine games. Even if the underlying numbers suggest they’re outperforming their xGD by the second-largest margin in the league, I still think they’re probably…well they’re definitely not bad. Hold on, give me a few more minutes to think about it…

ESPNFC - 8 (down 4)

Comment: It was a slower start for FCD in Kansas City, but they were clearly the better team on the field. Without Brandon Servania earning a second yellow card for a sloppy tackle, Dallas was poised to get an all-important win on the road, even if it wasn’t one of its better performances this season. A draw is still a fine result.

Here are rankings for those who don’t leave comments:

I’m sure there are others out that project and discuss things like this. Feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will try to add them next week. I do know some out there are either a week behind (US Soccer Players) or are behind a paywall (Soccer by Ives).