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FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ second loss of the season.

FC Dallas picked up their second loss of the season on Wednesday night thanks to two late goals by the Vancouver Whitecaps to end the game at 2-1.

Head Coach Nico Estévez

General thoughts on the match…

“The result was fair because we did not play well. We had a decent first half where we could have scored more than one goal. We had good attacks and good runs behind their backline. We were able to penetrate and get in good positions, but the end product was not at our finest today.”

“We went up 1-0 but we know Vancouver always shows a reaction and playing in their stadium is difficult. We gave away two goals through mistakes and not being in the right position.”

“This is a good learning experience because winning on the road is difficult. We have to maintain that focus throughout the 90 minutes, and we have to play our 100% best to get a result on the road.”

On Paul Arriola’s form…

“As a team we are finding ways to play dangerous accurate passes for Paul. In that sense, we are knowing each other more and we always figure out ways to see how we can affect opponents with these passes. The team is feeling comfortable and we are able to find those spaces for him so he can create danger.”

On the team bouncing back…

“It was a great experience for the team and the staff being out there on the road for this long. We will see when we come back who is available and good to go after missing this trip. We will prepare the best way possible to get the three points at home against Minnesota United. This has been overall a great experience for us, we will use this for when we go on another lengthy road trip again. We will use this to prepare them better for future road games.

Midfielder Paxton Pomykal

On the team’s reaction to the match…

“We’re not happy. We wanted six points on this road trip. In the first half, we did what we had to. But in the second half they scored two goals and that’s something we’ll have to reflect on. The boys aren’t happy and rightfully so. We’re holding ourselves accountable and to a higher standard. We’ll be ready to go on Sunday.”

On cleaning up individual errors going forward…

“It just happens. It’s not a lack of focus or anything or because guys aren’t trying their best. I had one against New England that led to a PK and we lost 1-0. I wasn’t trying to do that in the moment, of course. In hindsight, guys think about the decision they make, but in the heat of battle it’s just a split-second decision.”

On the two-game road trip …

“Back-to-back road games tough, especially with one game midweek and you don’t get to go home. But we got three points and I really feel like we could’ve gotten six. And that’s crazy to say because it’s frustrating when you win one on the road and then lose one, it just shows the level and standard that we have for ourselves as a team this year. We don’t really feel like we should lose any games and be competing on the road or at home no matter what.”

Winger Paul Arriola

On scoring three goals in three matches…

“I think, obviously, just getting the right positions, trusting my teammates, you know. I think our front three today had a great game on the connections and, you know, those are things that that we work on throughout the weeks and, you know, (are) building on and off-the-field chemistry.

“Obviously, it’s an assist from Jesús Ferreira but, you know, it’s definitely also from Jáder (Obrian). It’s really just trying to work on being in sync and understanding, you know, we’re always looking for each other.”

“I think our job as wingers is to try and feed the ball to Jesús and he can give it back to us and we get opportunities. You know, you make the most of them and that’s what I’ve been doing as of late and, you know, that feels good.”

What happened in the last 20 minutes of the match…

“I am not quite sure. I hadn’t really processed too much of it. Obviously, it’s frustrating.

They started to load to our lines and play in between us. But, you know, to be honest with you: it’s a tough one, it’s frustrating. You know, I didn’t think that we deserved to lose. I thought we put in a very difficult shift. It’s obviously a tough place to play.

At the end, it’s just really disappointing but I think I’ll have to take a look back at the last 20-25 minutes to see, you know, kind of what we did and how we can get better.”