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2022 FC Dallas player salaries revealed

We now get a glimpse into how each FC Dallas player is paid this season.

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The annual release of MLS players' salary information is finally here. We now know a good deal about how this roster is truly constructed based on the allocation money spent from transfer deals and trades.

Here is a look at the entire FC Dallas roster and what the total compensation looks like for the team:

2022 FC Dallas Salaries

First Name Last Name Club Position(s) Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
First Name Last Name Club Position(s) Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Nanú FC Dallas D $600,000.00 $668,750.00
Paul Arriola FC Dallas M $1,100,000.00 $1,130,000.00
Lucas Bartlett FC Dallas D $84,000.00 $84,000.00
Antonio Carrera FC Dallas GK $65,500.00 $85,019.00
Edwin Cerrillo FC Dallas M $115,000.00 $130,000.00
Justin Che FC Dallas D $100,000.00 $109,209.00
Kalil ElMedkhar FC Dallas F $65,500.00 $65,500.00
Marco Farfán FC Dallas D $225,000.00 $225,000.00
Jesús Ferreira FC Dallas F $1,300,000.00 $1,499,000.00
Matt Hedges FC Dallas D $900,000.00 $900,000.00
Dominick Hernandez FC Dallas M $66,724.00 $76,438.00
Franco Jara FC Dallas F $2,540,000.00 $3,227,000.00
José Antonio Martinez FC Dallas D $650,000.00 $723,000.00
Jimmy Maurer FC Dallas GK $275,000.00 $292,887.00
Eddie Munjoma FC Dallas D $84,000.00 $84,000.00
Tsiki Ntsabeleng FC Dallas M $65,500.00 $65,500.00
Jáder Obrian FC Dallas F $382,500.00 $467,100.00
Maarten Paes FC Dallas GK $150,000.00 $187,500.00
Isaiah Parker FC Dallas D $65,500.00 $77,500.00
Paxton Pomykal FC Dallas M $700,000.00 $700,000.00
Joshué Quiñónez FC Dallas D $180,000.00 $227,833.00
Facundo Quignón FC Dallas M $786,000.00 $840,627.00
Beni Redžic FC Dallas M $66,724.00 $74,346.00
Thomas Roberts FC Dallas M $144,000.00 $157,000.00
Szabolcs Schön FC Dallas F $350,000.00 $391,800.00
Dante Sealy FC Dallas F $140,000.00 $153,400.00
Brandon Servania FC Dallas M $400,000.00 $455,833.00
Collin Smith FC Dallas D $90,000.00 $93,000.00
Nkosi Tafari FC Dallas D $197,950.00 $197,950.00
Ema Twumasi FC Dallas D $290,000.00 $336,900.00
Alan Velasco FC Dallas F $1,100,000.00 $1,305,000.00
$13,278,898.00 $15,031,092.00

General observations

Don’t let people tell you that the Hunts don’t spend - Seriously, with the total wage bill of $15 million this season, Dan and Clark Hunt are spending like they’ve never spent before with this team. Just six years ago, they were one of the lowest spenders in the league and now we’re seeing them spend near the top.

Steve does a great comparison back to 2016:

Overall spending in MLS is up across the board too, which is good to see.

Jara’s cost - Yes, Franco Jara did get a slight raise (so did everyone else for that matter). As much as you want to say that he is a total waste at that price, I point to the value he is bringing to the locker room this season in helping raise Alan Velasco into a star player. High cost, yes, but at this point, it is starting to be worth it.

Ferreira’s price - I still absolutely love the Homegrown DP deal that Jesus Ferreira has these days. At $1.3 million, he’s worth every penny.

Homegrown bumps - Aside from the bottom end of the roster for the HGPs, guys like Paxton Pomykal and Brandon Servania are getting nice paychecks. Edwin Cerillo though is a total steal at his price point.

Time to pay Paes - The Dutchman is right above the bottom end of the roster in terms of spending, but at a six-month loan it makes some sense. I’ve always said you don’t want to overspend on goalkeeping in this league but Paes is making me reconsider that notion just a bit.

Tsiki’s value - Tsiki Ntsabeleng was FCD’s last pick of the first round and at $65k, that is a steal. But I’d also toss in the cost to obtain him as well. Remember that FCD had to spend money to get him from NYCFC at the end of the first round ($50k). Toss in the potential cost of an international roster slot too (sometimes in the neighborhood of $200k). So value on the books, yes, but when you add up the other costs to have him it levels out a bit.

Is Nanu overpaid? - Aside from Jara’s number, the only other player that I feel could be overpaid based on what we’re getting in Nanu. That $600k price tag is just a shade under what a DP costs on the salary cap.

What jumps out at you? Let us discuss this below.