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FC Dallas vs LA Galaxy: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas first road win of the season.

FC Dallas extended their unbeaten run to nine games on Saturday night in a 3-1 win over the LA Galaxy.

Head Coach Nico Estévez

On the quick start to the game…“I think we’ve started growing in confidence and belief. We’ve been playing well away but we haven’t been getting the wins that we wanted. Today was about belief. We’re growing, we’re playing well as a team and we believe that we can win away against any team. I think the guys are seeing the progress and gaining confidence in the way we’re playing and executing in the right direction. All credit to the team today because they executed the game plan.”

On coping with the loss of forward Alan Velasco to Health and Safety Protocols… “From Day One, I’ve said that I’m in love with this roster. I love my players, our philosophy is team first. I think any player can step up and show that they can play in the team. Alan (Velasco) and Maarten (Paes) couldn’t play, but it’s next man up. This is our way and Jáder (Obrian) and Nkosi (Tafari) did a great job today to help the team to win.”

On the team’s first road win…“I’m really proud because this is not an easy place to win. Not only the win, but the way we won and how we showed how we can play. We still need to improve a lot of things. There’re details that we need to keep improving but I think the level that we are at right now after four months is showing the progression is there and the confidence is there. I’m really happy for the boys because they worked really hard to get this result.”

Forward Jesus Ferreira

Getting the road win with three starters unavailable“It says a lot. Our team shows that everybody is ready to step up for whatever reason. Like you said, three of us didn’t play but three other guys popped up and played the role, you know. We know anybody can play the system. Everybody is ready, we saw it during training and now I’m seeing during the game. So we’re happy that we can have those players that could be ready to step up by any moment. The bench today helped those secure the win. We had tired legs and we have a long week ahead of us. So it was very important that everybody was on the same page and everybody was ready to step up and secure the win.”

On starting the two-game west coast road trip well“It shows the league that we’re ready to play anywhere and against any team. We came here, like I said before, with a team that is very, very competitive that have a really nice fan base and they have amazing players. We showed them that we can play here and dominate and win so we’re just sending a message to we’re ready and we’re not going to back off from anyone.”

Midfielder Paul Arriola

On the fast start to the match…“One of our strength has been starting really well on the road. We come out with a lot of energy, we’re doing the right things. It’s just great to be able to get goals. We put chances away early and were able to capitalize. I think that’s the way we can play. The question is, can we keep that mentality and not drop, which often times we do. Today, we did a pretty good job but we can still get better and punish teams on the counter.”

On playing in front of LA Galaxy’s fans…“It’s always great to play in front of your friends and family. This one meant a lot to me. I’m not the type of player to shush fans but today was tough and I think I was just a little hot-headed with everybody. But I’m just proud of my effort and sacrifice. Guys were cramping out there, including myself, just giving everything we had to get a result.”

On the shirt he displayed during his goal celebration…“My mother-in-law is dying of cancer. Today could be the last time she ever sees me play. For me, it was tough but I wanted to send a message. Not only to her, but to everybody, to just keep fighting.”