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After Dark: Luck of the Draw

We got draws to talk about on the After Dark liveshow tonight at 10 PM EST - World Cup Draws and away draws.

MLS: FC Dallas at Chicago Fire Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight at 9 PM CST/10 PM EST, Big D After Dark, our official video podcast, is live on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter to talk about draws - from the USMNT’s placement in World Cup Group B to away draws for both North Texas SC and FC Dallas.

We guarantee a good time as we take your comments and questions live.

FC Dallas Gets a Vital Away Point

If there was a repeated refrain under Luchi ball over the past couple of years, FC Dallas struggled to pick up points on the road. Such points are difficult to get in the first place in Major League Soccer, but they also make a huge difference down the stretch if a team wants to make the playoffs. So I’ll take it as an early positive that FC Dallas went into Chicago, who started the season strong and extinguished the Fire a bit.

Or at least kept things to a flicker.

FC Dallas held back Paul Arriola and Jesus Ferreira after their busy weeks which makes absolute sense. You need Jesus to stay fresh, and Paul has already logged a bunch of minutes on his legs early on.

Are there concerns? Sure - you would like Dallas to develop an ability to score while missing key players. Jader Obrian scored the first goal of the season for the team but hasn’t looked all that wonderful since. Facundo Quignon wasn’t spectacular to put it kindly.

But a point away is a big point.

North Texas SC Does the Two Step

In a road game against a solid team, on what looked like awful field conditions, North Texas SC also responded after giving up an early lead against Tacoma. A point would have been just fine, but MLS Next Pro has these whacky new rules where you can get an extra point on a tie by winning a shootout. North Texas SC did that.

By the way, Antonio Carrera is showing why he should absolutely be in the World Cup picture.

USA World Cup: Tough But Could Have Been Worse?

I watched the World Cup draw in great anticipation, gritting through the forced on stage dances, entertainment, and soccer skills to watch those little balls swirl around in excitement.

USA indeed avoided the worst-case scenario, the so-called Group of Death, but their group still will be challenging. England will be a battle and test the US, while Iran is no slouch. The playoff spot winner might favor the USA a bit, or it could dampen their chances of advancing. It’s just hard to say.

But here’s my takeaway - the USA won’t necessarily have to stand on their heads to advance in this group. No need to be world beaters - just play your game.

We’ll talk about the USA’s early World Cup chances tonight.

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See you at 9 PM CST!