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Post Match Thoughts: FC Dallas at Chicago Fire

Dallas addresses depth issues as superstars take a break during a game that raises plenty of questions.

MLS: FC Dallas at Chicago Fire Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, FC Dallas tied the Chicago Fire 0-0 in the team's second tie of the season. A cautious, defensive match with plenty of turnovers in the rain.

In spite of the end result, I think this is a really good sign for the roster. Some games will come down to who can take advantage of their one chance, today that ended up being no one.

Expectations were high as FC Dallas took on an undefeated Chicago Fire, especially after a 4-1 battering of the Timbers. Yet, the game ended in a scoreless draw, in what resulted in a pretty uneventful match.

The U.S. Men’s National Team called upon Jesus Ferreira and Paul Arriola over the international break. Arriola finished with a goal and an assist to Ferreira against Panama, as the U.S. earned qualification to the 2022 World Cup.

Upon the continuation of the MLS season, FC Dallas coach Nico Estévez opted to bench the two in their return to club action. Franco Jara and Jader Obrian instead took over in the front three along with Alan Velasco, with only Ferreira coming in in the 63rd minute.

The game was largely an uncreative battle that relied upon defensive possession and over-the-top passes. Chicago’s best player Xherdan Shaqiri also came off injured in the 19th minute, so the match was played largely without any headlining stars.

But here’s what I took away from what remained:

From a statistical perspective, winger Alan Velasco had a great game with three successful dribbles, one key pass, and six fouls earned according to SofaScore.

Nanú and Brandon Servania were also very successful, but not what the team needed in the final third. A final creative element that Arriola and Ferreira bring day-to-day was lacking in today’s lineup.

That being said, Dallas looks to be a solid team without depth. One, that with the right elements, can take down the best teams in the league.

Yet, without their stars, the team is missing a final set-up that Jara and Obrian cannot provide.

I won’t be surprised as the team continues to play at a high level with their regular lineup, but there is a serious aspect missing without their starting attackers, an issue with depth that will only become more prevalent as the season continues.

From here on out, Dallas fans can find comfort in our best squad but become skeptical as the level of talent quickly drops off.