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FC Dallas vs New York Red Bulls: Highlights, stats, and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ draw in New York.

FC Dallas picked up their second straight road shutout on Saturday as they tied the New York Red Bulls 0-0.

FC Dallas Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Nico Estévez

On Maarten Paes…“Maarten had a great game, this is why he is here. This is what we saw in him and these are the qualities we saw when we were scouting him. It helps when you play a game like this. I think it was more in the beginning of the second half when they pushed us back. We were not calm at that moment but Maarten had a fantastic game and like I said this is why he is here.”

On the difficulty of earning points on the road…“We had that desire to win, but this point does not feel like a victory because we had opportunities at the end where we could have won the game. Like the two chances we had late in the game through Franco and Jáder. We knew we had moments throughout the match where we would suffer. We have to keep in mind that the club has not won on the road in quite some time. Being able to compete against New England on the road felt good, even though we didn’t come away with points we were able to create chances and opportunities to score. In Chicago, we weren’t at our best level, but today we created the chances to be able to get points. I don’t know if you have seen the games of the teams that have played at Red Bull Arena but they lost to Montreal even though they dominated throughout the game. New York is a difficult team to play against, and I think it was great to be involved in matches like these because it shows we still need to earn experience and help us mature more. In the moments we had possession we did fine, but we needed to be more calm so we could extend that time of possession. We were able to tire them down and that is where we found spaces in their backline. We just need to be more patient but all of that will come with time and we will progress as a team.”

FC Dallas Goalkeeper Maarten Paes

His initial thoughts on the game…“We knew the [New York] Red Bulls is a team that plays with a lot of energy and we were prepared for that. We had to survive in some moments but we did well. Defense held strong with keeping the clean sheet, or shutout as you say in America. I think we battled together and sometimes you have to fight for a point and I think we did well today.”

On his overall start to the season and adjustment to MLS…“It’s been great so far. I think our defense had the fewest goals conceded. I’m really happy here, I can be myself on and off the pitch. My girlfriend and I are really enjoying life here at the moment. I hope it can continue like this.”

FC Dallas Midfielder Paxton Pomykal

On the team’s away form this season…“First and foremost, two clean sheets back-to-back on the road is very rare in this league, to shut out two teams in their home. So that’s a really big positive. But we’ve had two shutouts against us on the road. So just finishing our chances is important. But for every team in the league, it’s hard to win on the road, for whatever reason. It’s just kind of historically the way it is in this league. It was raining a little bit tonight, a little cold, but the field was in great condition, and the ball was zipping around. So it’s ideal conditions for us to play, I love playing in the rain.”

On preparing for the U.S. Open Cup match on Tuesday, April 19…“We’ll rest tonight, hopefully sleep on the plane back. And then get in tomorrow and go to training, take care of our bodies and do everything we can recovery wise to be prepared for Tuesday, whoever needs to step up. So be ready.”

On his mid-game conversation with Dallas head coach Nico Estévez…“Specifically in that moment, we were having trouble building out of the back because their wingbacks back on the right side, (Lewis) Morgan was releasing really high to Marco (Farfan) and so we decided to tuck him in and build with three and when we had the ball and pushed me wider. So that made him hesitate a little bit more and when he’d release to Marco, with me wide, it was too much of a distance for him or Frankie (Amaya) or their other #6 to get out there. So we were able to exploit that and build out a little bit more. And I think we actually had more possession in that 15 minutes and better flow in the game.”