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FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids: Game grades

FC Dallas needed some magic to get points and it came just when they needed it too.

Colorado Rapids v FC Dallas Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Last Saturday, FC Dallas drew 3-1 against the Colorado Rapids, in a game where Colorado had a large percentage of possession but Dallas proved to be the much more clinical side.

Here’s a brief breakdown of how the FC Dallas players performed as they moved slightly down into 5th in the Western Conference:

SOCCER: APR 02 MLS - FC Dallas at Chicago Fire Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Maarten Paes (GK) - 5.4

Compared to last week’s game against the Fire, Paes had a lot more of an impact in goal. According to WyScout, the Rapids generated around 1.73 expected goals, so Paes did a good job of keeping them to just one goal. Distribution-wise, the Dutch international completed just 65% of his passes and 46% of his long passes, both of which rank him in the bottom 15th percentile of goalkeepers. Although Paes’ distribution hasn’t been the best these last two weeks, I wouldn’t be worried because he has typically performed pretty well out of the back and he’s likely just going through a bit of a slump now.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Nanu (RB) - 3.6

Nanu was poor across the board against the Rapids, as his best grade came from his passing where he ranked in just the 41st percentile. This poor performance was a combination of Nanu not facing the ball enough (he ranked in just the 7th percentile for total actions) but also because he was typically poor on or facing the ball as he ranked in the 11th percentile for total action percentage. Nanu actually recorded a lot of duels in the match (79th percentile) but he performed very poorly in that category, ranking in just the 9th percentile. Part of his down performance could be because he didn’t have Hedges in the back for half the game to support his forward runs and playmaking ability and instead he had to be the one to support Nkosi Tafari, but he still didn’t perform that well nevertheless. He was actually subbed off for Twumasi around the 67th minute, so hopefully, that creates some sort of a response from him in this week’s game against the Red Bulls.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Hedges (CB) - 5.2

Up until his injury, Hedges was having a pretty average game for FC Dallas as he ranked around the 50th percentile for each major category for center backs. He wasn’t tested too much defensively in his time on the field, but the American attempted to carry the ball forward to create opportunities as he ranked above the 70th percentile for carries and progressive distance per carry. However, this left him vulnerable to losing the ball as Hedges ranked in the bottom 20th percentile for losses in his own half. Apart from this, the American couldn’t really create anything going forward as he completed just 55% of his forward passes and he didn’t really do much defensively, registering just one defensive duel in the match.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Martinez (CB) - 4.3

Martinez had an alright game overall, however, he was absent in the aerial department, as the Spaniard failed to complete his lone aerial duel in the match. Like usual, Martinez displayed his range of passing, completing seven of his 10 long balls, good for around the 75th percentile for center backs, and three of his four passes to the final third. The Spaniard struggled to win the ball back defensively as he ranked in the bottom 30th percentile for recoveries and press percentage but he performed well enough (slightly above the 50th percentile for defensive duels and pressures) to keep the Rapids from making a full-on comeback.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Marco Farfan (LB) - 7.2

Like Nanu, Farfan didn’t face the ball enough in this match, which definitely hurt his grade but he also made more of his chances. The American international completed 10% more of his total actions and won his duels at nearly double Nanu’s rate! Additionally, Farfan performed well defensively as he ranked above the 70th percentile for interceptions, recoveries, defensive duels, and defensive dual percentage. Farfan has been typically known to be a pretty good defender in MLS, but the most impressive statline of his game came from his two goal creating actions in the match. If he continues to work on and make strides in this attacking part of his game, Farfan could become one of the best outside backs in MLS so I would definitely keep an eye on him moving forward.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Servania (CM) - 8

In addition to scoring possibly the goal of the season for FC Dallas and notching an assist, Servania had a solid overall game although he struggled a bit in the passing department. The American couldn’t get on the ball as Colorado dominated position, but even when he received opportunities, Servania was poor as he completed just 75% of his total passes, 60% of his forward passes, 33% of his passes to the final third, and 20% of his long balls. All of these statistics are below the 25th percentile for midfielders. While Servania wasn’t very efficient with most of his passing, he tried to make things happen when he got on the ball, as indicated through his 96th percentile ranking in his progressive distance per carry grade and his 83rd percentile ranking in his progressive distance per pass grade. Hopefully next week, with a bit more possession, Servania can become more efficient with his passing and put together a truly all-around performance.

MLS: Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Edwin Cerrillo (CDM) - 3.1

Cerrillo had a poor performance in this game as he ranked below average in each major statistical category with his highest rating being passing, where he ranked in the 47th percentile. The American really struggled to find opportunities in this match, as he ranked in the 1st percentile for total actions per 90, but when he did receive opportunities, Cerrillo was also poor as he completed 63% of his total actions (15th percentile) and 22% of his duels (2nd percentile). Frankly there’s not much more to say about this performance from Cerrillo as he ranked in the bottom 25% for most of his statistics and he’ll look to regain his form next week against the Red Bulls.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Paxton Pomykal (CM) - 4.7

While his partner Servania notched a goal and assist in the game, Pomykal had an okay game overall, although he didn’t really do anything to strongly affect the game. Like almost all of the Dallas players on the night, Pomykal didn’t create or receive many opportunities in the match as he ranked in the bottom 25th percentile for duels and total actions per 90, but he was alright when he did receive his opportunities, completing 58% of his duels (66th percentile) and 60% of his total actions (39th percentile). Pomykal’s passing as a whole was good as the American completed 92% of his passes (84th percentile) and 88% of his forward passes (78th percentile); however, a deeper dive into his passing numbers suggests that he didn’t create many opportunities (granted he had limited chances). Pomykal did not complete a single pass to the final third and failed to complete any long balls, although he did create some chances with his four progressive passes and one shot-creating action in the match. Therefore, in the next game, I would like to see Pomykal produce some more offensive production while maintaining his efficient passing record.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Jader Obrian (RW) - 2.8

Apart from his pressing grade, where he was slightly above-average, Obrian was poor in this match as all of his other grades were below the 25th percentile. Unlike others who struggled in this match, Obrian actually was somewhat involved in the game as he ranked in the 40th percentile for total actions per 90. However, he completed slightly less than 25% of his total actions. Yes, you heard that right, Obrian succeeded in just one out of his four total actions in this match which ranks him in nearly the 0th percentile (if that’s even a thing haha). Like Cerrillo, there’s not much more to say about this performance from the Colombian, however, there’s only up from here.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Jesus Ferreira (CF) - 8.6

Unlike most of his teammates in this game, Jesus Ferreira was very sharp when he received his opportunities to score. The American No. 9 landed all of his three shots on target and scored two of them, one of which was a lovely one strike on the turn into the bottom corner. Ferreira also exceeded his expected goals by about 1.3, proving that this was a very good performance from him in the striking department. The American also pressed well, like he usually does, and ranked in the 68th percentile for that category. In future games, I would like to see some slightly better passing from Ferreira as he completed just 58% of his passes (7th percentile) and no forward or progressive passes, but ultimately the job of a center-forward is to score goals, and Ferreira certainly did that in this match.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Alan Velasco (LW) - 4.1

In his match against the Rapids, Velasco fit into the category of “I didn’t receive many opportunities, but even with my limited opportunities, I struggled.” The Argentine’s total action percentage wasn’t much better than Obrian’s as he succeeded in just 33% of his total actions, ranking him in the 3rd percentile. However, Velasco did register an assist and his overall passing was solid in the match (46th percentile). He completed 80% of his passes as a whole (72nd percentile), 75% of his forward passes (67th percentile) and his lone pass to the final third. Apart from these statistics though, Velasco was poor in most categories, ranking below the 30th percentile for each. He’ll look to regain his form this weekend against a Red Bulls team that just lost to 9th place Montreal.


Nkosi Tafari - 4

To be honest, Tafari didn’t perform that well overall but he was thrown into a position against a team that was dominating possession for a good chunk of time. The American ranked below the 40th percentile for every category apart from defending where he came in the 56th percentile. Tafari completed just 72% of his total passes (13th percentile) and failed to complete any of his five long passes in the match. He did an alright job of defending and recovering the ball as he ranked in the 60th percentile for recoveries, 42nd percentile for press percentage, and won all of his defensive duels. However, Tafari will surely need to do a better job of passing out of the back if Hedges can’t play in the next game against the Red Bulls.

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