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Power Rankings Recap: Where FC Dallas landed after week 2

So far, no one is too bullish on where FC Dallas is at right now in this early season.

MLS: FC Dallas at New England Revolution Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

The list of sites doing Power Rankings for Major League Soccer has a weird ebb and flow to it from year to year. Some years, there are some really good and thought-provoking comments in the various rankings, and other times it makes you wonder if the writers are truly watching the teams playing.

Whatever the case may be, we’re two weeks into this new season and so far, the rankings out there have FC Dallas kind of all over the place. Here is a look at where things stand, plus some comments from those who provide them: - 20th (down 2 from Week 1)

Comment: They really looked solid for large portions of their 1-0 loss at New England. But, and you won’t believe this, they struggled to finish chances when it mattered. That includes a 0.43 xG chance in the 90th minute that felt like it should have been higher and a few other chances that would have had high xG numbers if they weren’t flubbed. Those teamwide misses and an irresponsible foul in his own box from Paxton Pomykal – who generally played well and has looked consistently threatening to start the season – made this one frustrating.

ESPNFC - 17th (down 1 from Week 1)

Comment: Playing on the road against the reigning Supporters’ Shield winners always figured to be a tough place to get a point, so the result (a 1-0 loss) isn’t the major takeaway here. Though New England created the better chances — if only marginally — neither team scored from the run of play, as FCD tries to get up to speed with the way new coach Nico Estevez wants to play.

Here are rankings for those who don’t leave comments:

I’m sure there are others out that project and discuss things like this. Feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will try to add them next week. I do know some out there are either a week behind (US Soccer Players) or are behind a paywall (Soccer by Ives).