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FC Dallas vs New England Revolution: Game grades

The first loss wasn’t all that bad. Was it?

MLS: FC Dallas at New England Revolution Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday afternoon, FC Dallas lost 1-0 to the New England Revolution, behind a penalty from reigning MLS MVP Carlos Gil in the second minute of extra time in the first period.

Here’s a brief breakdown of how FC Dallas players performed as they slid to 10th in Western Conference:

MLS: 2022 Dallas Media Day USA TODAY NETWORK

Maarten Paes (GK) - 4.1

Paes had a solid game in goal as he came up with two saves and prevented around .53 goals. However, his passing out of the back was not that great. He only completed 44% of his long balls compared to 75% last week and completed 76% of his pass attempts compared to 88% last week.

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Ema Twumasi (RB) - 5.6

Twumasi had an alright game as he ranked decently high in his total actions and passing grade; however, he ranked very low defensively. He won just 20% of his defensive duels while Farfan on the other side won 83%, which is a massive difference. He also did not register a single cross during the game and registered just four passes into the final third and penalty area throughout the game.

MLS: Player Headshots 2022 USA TODAY NETWORK

Matt Hedges (CB) - 6.75

Hedges had another solid all-around performance as he ranked above average in all of our categories for CB’s (total actions, passing, aerial, defense). However, what stood out the most to me were his recoveries, pass percentage, and losses. Hedges recovered the ball around 15 times for FC Dallas throughout this game and lost the ball just 3 times. He also attempted roughly 62 passes throughout the game and completed these at a 92% clip, which is very impressive.

MLS: 2022 Dallas Media Day USA TODAY NETWORK

Jose Martinez (CB) - 4.45

Martinez was consistently below or close to the average for each major category. Defensively, he registered a large number of clearances but a low number of interceptions. He also lost the ball nearly 13 times per 90 and completed only 77% of his passes, which is pretty poor for a CB, so hopefully, he can be more composed on the ball in the future.

MLS: 2022 Dallas Media Day USA TODAY NETWORK

Marco Farfan (LB) - 7.1

Apart from his playmaking ability (which both fullbacks didn’t create that much going forward), Farfan all-around had a very solid game. He completed above 80% of his defensive duals and recovered the ball 13 times in the game. He also completed a very high percentage of his passes and a decent amount of his offensive duals.

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Brandon Servania (CM) - 6.8

Servania appeared to be a lot better with his passing and defensive output this week, however, his offensive grade took a sizable hit. Against the Revolution, he completed his passes at ~86.6% while he completed only 75% of his passes against Toronto. He also attempted around twice as many forward passes per 90 and more long balls per 90 in this match. Defensively, Servania had a large improvement, as he completed 71% of his duals compared to 44% from last week. Offensively, Servania attempted less offensive duals per 90 and completed them at a lower rate (25% this week compared to 50% from last week).

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Edwin Cerrillo (CDM) - 5.6

Cerrillo had an average performance across the board in this game. Compared to last week, he attempted more offensive duals but he took a bit of a hit in terms of his defensive and passing grade. While he attempted a lot more passes per 90, he completed roughly 3% less and recorded more losses per 90. Defensively, he registered slightly less interceptions per 90 and completed his defensive duals at 50% compared to 56% last week.

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Paxton Pomykal (CM) - 7

While Servania was pretty much non-existent offensively, Paxton had a great game in that regard. He completed an impressive 75% of his offensive duels with more attempts per 90 than his previous game and also completed over 80% of his passes into the final third. Although his foul in the penalty box led to the game-winning penalty, I thought Paxton had a solid game in addition to his offensive production, he ranked above-average in the rest of his grades (total actions, defensive, and passing).

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Paul Arriola (RW) - 5.7

Arriola did not have a great offensive game, however he was solid defensively and with his passing. Arriola completed just 22% of his offensive duals and lost the ball around 10 times in the match. He pressed well, recovering the ball 4 times in the game and completed 80% of his defensive duals. He also attempted 6 crosses throughout the game and completed 50% which is pretty impressive for that level of volume.

MLS: Player Headshots 2022 USA TODAY NETWORK

Jesus Ferreira (CF) - 6.4

Apart from his passing, Ferreira had a very similar game compared to last week. He pressed fairly well but again only attempted 2 shots while FC Dallas took 12 as a team and completed just 33% of his offensive duels. However, his passing was much better as he completed 80% of his forward passes on roughly 10 attempts and completed nearly 88% of his passes compared to 65% of his passes last week. Lastly, Ferreira did progress the ball well as he recorded 4 progressive runs.

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Jader Obrian (LW) - 3.3

Compared to his last game where he scored the opening goal of the game, Obrian was pretty poor against the Revolution. He ranked below average in all major categories, notably in his playmaking and offensive ability. He lost the ball roughly 14 times throughout this game ranked fairly low in his recoveries and defensive dual percentage and completed just 27% of his offensive duels. This is surely a game Obrian would want to forget about and let’s hope that he can move past this and improve against Nashville.


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Nanu (RB) - 7.6

Nanu looked pretty solid in his second professional appearance for FC Dallas, as he ranked above 7 for each major category except for dribbling (which is ironic because that’s possibly Nanu’s best trait). Nanu was very solid defensively, as he registered 20 defensive duels per 90 and completed them at 75% rate. Offensively, Nanu registered a lot of passes per 90 into the final third and penalty area and completed them also at a high success rate. I think because of this impressive all-around game for Nanu and Twumasi’s recent struggles defensively, it will be interesting to see if Nanu will win the starting job at right back in the next coming weeks.