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FC Dallas vs Nashville SC: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ first win of 2022.

FC Dallas picked up their first three points of 2022 on Saturday night in a 2-0 win over Nashville SC.

FC Dallas Postgame QuotesHead Coach Nico Estévez

On winning his first game…

“This victory means a lot to the fans. To see their faces and all the families in the stadium today celebrating this victory. We had to wait three games to celebrate and we just wanted to dedicate this win to the fans and to the players. I saw them a bit sad last week against New England because we felt like we deserved more. We did enough things to get more and today I was really happy to see their faces because they work really hard. I love this group of players and the whole staff.”

On Alan Velasco’s debut…

“What he showed on the field, is what we were looking for. For that reason, it is why we made the investment on him. We were fighting to get him because he is a really good player. I think it’s also the way we play that helps him build some confidence because he will always have some confidence to do his things. We are very pleased with what he did and we will keep helping him reach his full potential.”

FC Dallas Midfielder Brandon Servania

Initial thoughts on the match…

“Excited to get the first win, especially here at home. It’s huge for us, we’re trying to get as many wins at home because that’ll really help us in the long run. I think we did really well today, controlling the game and tempo, creating more chances and finishing those chances today. It’s overall positive and we have things to improve on but it’s a good first step.”

On Alan Velasco’s debut…

“He had a really amazing debut. What more can you ask for? He came off the bench and gave us a spark, got us a goal, and gave me an assist. I’m looking forward to gaining some more chemistry with him and he showed what he can do tonight. He’s a really good player and hopefully he can build on that.”

FC Dallas Midfielder Alan Velasco

On the sequence of his debut goal…

“When I received the ball, I already knew that there was no one around me nor ahead of me which is why I turned and headed towards the goal. As I was progressing, there were open spaces I decided to attack. I decided to sprint forward and get past my marker. Once my defender fell, I opened up more and created the opportunity to chip the keeper.”

On whether he had scored a similar goal before…

“Almost but not quite. I scored a similar goal vs Colon in Argentina. I started all the way from half field and was able to score. I think that one was my second favorite goal and this one is my new favorite one.”