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FC Dallas vs Toronto FC: Game grades

It was a fairly rough start for Nico Estevez’s team against Toronto.

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To develop this grading system, I created a player grade for each position using advanced statistics with some adjustments for goals, assists, and a couple of other statistics which depend on that player’s position. Then, I standardized these scores on a scale of zero to ten, with ten being the best and zero being the worst and combined these grades into an overall grade for each player, with each statistic receiving different weights based on that player’s role on the team.

I am still working on some of the finer details of this grading system, such as adding some more adjustments along with creating a system where players who play under 30 minutes can be fairly evaluated, but I think that this current system will provide FC Dallas fans with an overall idea of how each player played throughout the game.

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Maarten Paes (GK) - 3.2

Paes didn’t really have much to do, he only faced one shot on target so this grade is definitely a bit harsh. The goal that he conceded was also a tough one to save, so overall I think he did close to the best he could do with his opportunities. Also, his distribution from out of the back was decent but also nothing eye-opening.

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Ema Twumasi (RB) - 6.4

Twumasi had a pretty good game, he won a high percentage of his total actions while attempting a large amount and he was very good defensively. Twumasi’s passing and passing were also decent, however, he did lose the ball a good amount in his own half.

MLS: Player Headshots 2022 USA TODAY NETWORK

Matt Hedges (CB) - 5.3

Hedges was pretty solid all around, he completed and attempted a good number of total actions. His distribution and passing from the back was also respectable, as he scored a 6.7 in my passing grade. Overall, Hedges was stable in defense, as he scored a 5.8 in my defensive grade, however, Hedges interestingly only attempted one aerial throughout the entire game.

MLS: 2022 Dallas Media Day USA TODAY NETWORK

Jose Martinez (CB) - 4.6

While Hedges was much more active defensively, Martinez was more active in the air and attempted 7 aerial duels throughout the game. More importantly, though, Martinez was pretty inactive on defense, as he ranked very low in defensive duals and recoveries per 90. Martinez had a pretty good game from a passing perspective as he received a grade of 6.3 in that area.

MLS: 2022 Dallas Media Day USA TODAY NETWORK

Marco Farfan (LB) - 4.6

Farfan also had a solid game, with his defensive and total actions ranking above average and his playmaking, dribbling and passing all slightly below average. This is a trend that I would expect throughout the season, as Farfan is rock solid defensively but his playmaking and passing parts of his game are not fully developed yet. Farfan also lost the ball five times in his own half, which also hurt his grade a bit.

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Brandon Servania (CM) - 5.9

Overall, Servania didn’t have the best game, as he ranked below average in his total actions, defense, and passing categories. However, Servania had a solid game offensively as he attempted a good amount of offensive duels, got off three shots, and assisted on one shot.

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Edwin Cerrillo (CDM) - 5.6

Cerrillo was pretty solid with his passing (6.3) and defending (6.8) but he offered practically nothing going forward, as he only attempted one offensive dual in the game. While he is a CDM and did pretty well with his primary tasks of defending and passing, I would like to see a bit more offense out of him in future games.

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Paxton Pomykal (CM) - 5.9

Paxton had a pretty solid game overall as he ranked slightly below average in total actions and passing but ranked slightly above average in his defensive and offensive production. In the future, I would like him to take care of the ball a bit more as he ranked fairly low in pass percentage, dual percentage, and ranked high in losses per 90.

MLS: Player Headshots 2022 USA TODAY NETWORK

Paul Arriola (RW) - 6.3

Arriola had a pretty good debut with FC Dallas, as his assist led to the opening goal of the game. Along with this assist, Arriola also performed well in the playmaking and defensive areas of his game. However, he only attempted one dribble throughout the match so I would like to see more from him in that department.

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Jesus Ferreira (CF) - 5.8

Ferreira pressed fairly well and opened up some opportunities for his teammates with his three shot assists in the match, but other than that he really didn’t do too much. His shooting and passing were firmly below average and his total actions and dribbling were both about average. And while FC Dallas took a total of thirteen shots, Ferreira just took two, so I would like to see more shots from him when he gets on the ball in the attacking third.

MLS: 2022 Dallas Media Day USA TODAY NETWORK

Jader Obrian (LW) - 6.7

Obrian had a very good game offensively as he scored the first goal of the game. He also had solid passing and playmaking numbers but completed a very low percentage of his duals and dribbles, so hopefully, that will increase as the games go by. Additionally, Obrian did not attempt many defensive duals and recovered the ball only once throughout the game, so I would like to see those numbers go up in the future as well.

(Note: At the moment, I don’t have a way to fairly analyze players who played under thirty minutes in the game, so they aren’t included in this evaluation)