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Your 2022 FC Dallas season expectations

We took to Twitter the other day to see what your expectations were on the upcoming season.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week we took to our Twitter space to survey you all to see where you think will go in 2022 for FC Dallas. We had a slew of questions that some of you responded to and today we present them here for further discussion.

Expected point total for the season

The expected totals for most of you out there are between 40-50 points, which may not be enough for a playoff spot in 2022. For the most part though, this feels reasonable given the way things went in 2021 for this group.

Predicting Jesus Ferreria’s season

Let’s just say, you all are very optimistic for Ferreira to have a monster year in 2022. In some cases, these are MVP-level goal numbers some of you are giving out. We’re all for it.

Predicting Paxton Pomykal’s season

The same can be said for your predictions for Pomykal as you all feel his move back into the middle of the attack will produce more out of him this season.

Expectations for Alan Velasco in 2022

There seems to be a mixed reaction to the expectations for FC Dallas’ newest star.

What will success look like

The theme here is all about reaching the playoffs and winning there.

Which player could FC Dallas sell in 2022?

This question brought some interesting answers, including the thought of getting rid of another club legend.

What are you most excited about?

Just like most of us here on this site, there are a lot of different ideas of what we’re most excited about in 2022 for this team.

For kicks, our old pal Jason Poon offered all of his responses in one tweet.


If you missed the original thread of tweets on Monday or are just not on Twitter these days, feel free to leave your thoughts below to these questions.