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Alan Velasco discusses his move to FC Dallas with ESPN Argentina

The young winger said it was the right time to move to MLS with FC Dallas.

Independiente v Boca Juniors - Torneo Liga Profesional 2021 Photo by Rodrigo Valle/Getty Images

FC Dallas’ newest player Alan Velasco didn’t waste any time discussing his move to Major League Soccer with the local press in South America. On Tuesday as the 19-year old was signing his Young Designated Player contract, he went on ESPN Argentina to discuss why the timing was right for him to leave the only club he’s ever known.

“When the last market started, there was an offer from Brighton in England and Independiente rejected,” explained Velasco. ”Then the offer from the U.S. came in being a club that can pay today, the club made the decision to sell me and I agreed. (I agreed when) the time was right for the club and me, we made the choice.”

The move to MLS is becoming an easier thing for South American players, especially those in Argentina, making the move for a younger guy like Velasco an easier thing to complete.

“MLS has grown a lot in the last years, there are a lot of Argentine players, Higuain is there, Barco is at River now but was there,” said Velasco. “I think it’s growing with the structure and other things. We all made the decision it was a good destination for me.”

Velasco hopes to spend a few years in Dallas before making the next career jump to Europe.

“That would be the idea is to go to European soccer from Dallas. I’m 19, and it’s tougher to go from here to European soccer,” said Velasco.

Watch the full interview (in Spanish) here: