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What should FC Dallas do this offseason: you play the GM

Now is your chance to play GM.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Very soon, FC Dallas will make their end-of-the-season roster announcements. By our count, FC Dallas has 18 players under contract for 2023, with one more that goes through June 2023 (yes, Franco Jara). The rest are either on loan outside of MLS, have options for upcoming seasons or are out of contract altogether.

This will be the first big point in the offseason for the club ahead of the various drafts and transfer drama that we’ll see.

Inspired by a post at RSL Soapbox (and then another by Sounder at Heart), we’ve created a survey that allows readers to determine the futures of every player signed to a first-team contract. Simply put, you can boil the choices down to three main options: Cut, keep or trade.

There are many interesting options to play around with, but this is all for fun with the hopes of some good discussions about what you would do and why.