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Report: FC Dallas linked to Jakob Jantscher

FC Dallas is linked to yet another international player.


FC Dallas has been linked to so many international players this offseason, that it’s left most of us wondering how can the club fit so many international players on the roster.

While we’re trying to figure out why FC Dallas is chasing after so many international players, with limited spots available, here is the latest player to be linked with the club:

Jakob Jantscher has verified that there is interest from a club based in Texas, so that makes it a 1 in 3 chance that the club is FC Dallas. Combine that with the fact that no club has been more visibly active this offseason than FC Dallas, and it’s easy to see why those reporting this rumor feel that it is FC Dallas that is the interested club.

Jantscher is a 33-year-old center forward for SK Sturn Graz (Austrian Top Flight), who has simply had a spectacular season. In 29 matches across all competitions (Including Europa League), Jantscher has scored 15 goals, and added 14 assists, while only receiving two yellow cards. That is one hell of a productive player, and you can see why any MLS club would be interested.

There are several red flags that indicate FC Dallas is not likely to be the interested club. The first and most obvious is his age, as FC Dallas prefers to acquire players who are much younger, and can still have room for growth in their development. The second red flag is the fact that Jantscher is an International Player, and FC Dallas only has two international spots open. With the club possibly signing SuperDraft 1st round pick Tsiki Ntsabeleng (he’s from South Africa), and all signs pointing to the imminent signing of international player Alan Velasco, it’s hard to imagine FC Dallas bringing in another international player.

What do you make of this rumor? Does FC Dallas need another striker on the roster? Do they even need to add more international players? Let us know your thoughts.