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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, September 21, 2021

So FC Dallas is moving forward with Marco Ferruzzi. Alright.

MLS: FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday’s FC Dallas media call was...odd. I will put it that way until I can actually sit down and re-listen to the entire thing again and truly collect my thoughts on the matter. There were a lot of good questions thrown at the club about the firing of Luchi Gonzalez and even more puzzling answers.

// FC Dallas //

Five things that went wrong for Luchi Gonzalez and FC Dallas - Big D Soccer
In the end, he got a pretty raw deal for his first professional manager gig.

Potential coaching options for FC Dallas moving forward - Big D Soccer
FC Dallas begins another search process for their next head coach. What direction will they go, and will that satisfy what fans want to see?

Arnold: Luchi is out, but is there any plan for FC Dallas' rudderless first team? | The Striker Texas
Having no first-team plan is a major problem that FCD's front office has to sort out quickly.

Luchi Gonzalez’s dismissal: A sign of wavering faith in the FC Dallas way? |
At this point, you have to ask, "what is the FC Dallas way" these days?

What next for FC Dallas after Luchi Gonzalez departs? |
The big shift to Marco Ferruzzi with eight games to go is a risk the Hunts were willing to take at this point. This begs the question if Marco is your guy then why wasn't he the pick three years ago?

// MLS //

27 Takeaways: One observation on every MLS team after Week 26 |
This week's line item for FCD is about the coaching change but also how the defense has to be addressed right away.

Defending in MLS shows how the league is developing | US Soccer Players
Offense is down across the league this season, but that may not be a problem since defending has noticeably improved for the top clubs.

Nico Lodeiro has second surgery of 2021 - Sounder At Heart
The exact timeline is unclear, but Brian Schmetzer says Lodeiro will be back in 2021.