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Three questions on Austin FC

It is time for a new rivalry with a familiar voice on our site.

It seems like ages ago in the preseason when FC Dallas squared off with Austin FC in a wild match during the La Copita tournament. But here we are, the first of three regular-season matches with the new in-state rival this season.

From time to time we welcome in a fellow SB Nation blog to help preview our next opponent but this time around we’re able to do something a tad different. Since SBN doesn’t have an Austin FC blog (seriously, what is up with that?), we’re bringing in one of our former writers Jason Poon (an Austin native) to help preview this weekend’s match.

BDS: Austin has picked up a couple of wins away from home this season but has struggled in recent away trips. Does this group have the confidence to pull off this kind of result?

Any time you get Houston as a pregame warmup will always be a confidence booster. (Even if Houston went down to 10 men early in the game.) I am seeing Austin feeling more confident, having finally gotten some goals scored and some more points. I think there’s also a sense of belief that since Dallas has been struggling a bit this year (though not in the last three games), there’s more confidence in being able to get some kind of result.

BDS: We know about some of the MLS guys on this roster for Josh Wolff but who are some players that FC Dallas fans don’t know of here with Austin? Has anyone stepped up as their go-to guy yet?

Brad Stuver has been the stand-out player - that’s cheating since he’s an MLS guy, but his play this season is the only reason why Austin has been blown out in more games this year.

The 2021 MLS SuperDraft first pick Daniel Perreira has low key been a huge surprise that I will assume most FC Dallas fans are unaware of. Austin has picked up all their wins when Perreira plays, but he’s been injured here and there so he hasn’t found a way to establish himself yet. He gives a much better balance to the midfield trio when he’s out there.

BDS: Alright, we know this is supposed to be a rivalry game and a part of Copa Tejas but does this feel like a rivalry yet for Austin fans? What does this rivalry need to stand out more so than the Houston-Dallas one?

There’s a slight chip on the shoulder for Austin fans - mostly because Dallas and Houston's fans have kind of given Austin the cold shoulder. And rightfully so, it makes for fun banter and silly things on the interwebs.

I don’t think the Houston-Dallas Texas Derby will ever be topped. There’s just so much history there with kicks to the head, objects being thrown at fans, and then a glorious cannon involved as a trophy. Copa Tejas can be its own fun thing, but I see Austin-Dallas potentially being more similar to Dallas-Colorado or maybe Dallas-Portland and more of a “I don’t like you, you’re annoying” vibe.

Allegedly, there have been at least 700+ tickets purchased by Austin fans and are going to make the trip up. If there’s some good-natured ribbing, like making fun of each other’s Tex-Mex or queso, I can see this being a very fun rivalry. But there’s no topping Houston-Dallas. That one is just pure hatred and needs to be left as is.