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FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas’ big draw in Seattle.

FC Dallas extended their unbeaten run to three games in a 1-1 draw with the Seattle Sounders.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

General thoughts on the game…“This is not an easy place to play. Despite Seattle dropping points here recently, we knew they were going to have a response. We heard a few comments after their last game, coming into this game more physical, trying to win more duels, pushing the game with a higher block. We expected these things but we also wanted to continue to show our way and play with the ball, and play forward and commit numbers forward and get pressure on the ball. We needed to defend low and get clearances out of the box, we needed to do that as well with 11 players. I thought today, even if we didn’t get the tying goal, I’d still be proud of the group to show a response, to show a great effort and representation of the club. But we got the goal and we earned that...We have to now continue to be humble, keep this desire and hunger and rest in the short term and be ready in three days to represent our stadium against Austin.”

On the team’s mentality“First of all, it’s a credit to the guys themselves and the locker room. Them having conversations, them pushing each other to continue to wake up tomorrow and show belief and energy and solutions, and communicating that as a team with the staff to keep figuring things out and improve our mentality and concepts on and off the field. So, again, I give credit to the boys themselves. Our young guys too, believing in them and them stepping up to make plays for us despite their youth or inexperience. I thought the guys that started today put in a great shift and left everything on the field. And the guys who came into the game, they pushed the game and showed personality and character. I think it was a good representation of our depth and mentality like you said.”

On Nkosi Tafari’s performance...“He’s continuing to develop and grow in his confidence and be an important piece of this team. Even from last year, when he wasn’t playing, he was a good student, a good teammate and worked hard in training and with the second team to get experience. He’s a product of development and his teammates guiding him. He’s stepping up for us and I’m proud to see him do that and show consistency. Not perfection, but no fear to be aggressive and cover for his teammates. I think he got the assist today with the service back into the box, so now he’s getting something offensive and I hope he can grab that and continue it.”

FC Dallas defender Nkosi Tafari

On coming into the game off two wins...“It’s good for the mentality, knowing that we actually can push on to get the draw, get the win. It’s just one goal. If they can get one, we can get one back. It took a little bit longer than we would have wanted, but if they can get one we can do the same having that do-or-die mentality of doing everything we can to get points. Without points, we can’t make the playoffs, we can’t win anything. We’ve got to scrap on the road, that’s just what you have to do sometimes, certainly in an environment like this.”

On his assist…“It was late in the game, we were chasing the game and throwing numbers forward. We were taking out a couple of sixes, bringing on some eights and wingers forward and we’re just trying to chase the game and get a point. We’re probably in our best form coming off two wins so we want to keep pushing that. The ball was being circulated and I was still in the attacking third. I knew I could stay forward because we wanted to win and it kind of ended up being fortuitous at the end.”

FC Dallas forward Franco Jara

On getting a point on the road to keep the streak going…“It’s very important getting a point versus a tough opponent and also getting a point to maintain the streak. The team knew how to overcome the deficit and fight to earn a point which was important to us. We leave here satisfied because we put in hard work in a difficult environment that is Seattle.”

On getting on the scoresheet…“I am very happy, every forward would like to score and help the team the best way possible. We have to keep working to give our best for the team.”

On being a mentor for the young players…“Recently it’s been great having these young talented players like [Ricardo] Pepi, who plays the same position as me. Also Jesús [Ferreira] and many more young guys who have a bright future ahead of them. From previous experiences, I use that to help them out and guide them the best way possible. I already experienced coming up at a young age and developing my game over time. It’s a healthy competition, and we enjoy every moment of it. While Pepi, Jesús and I have the opportunity to play, we will always do it the best way possible.”