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East Stand View: $1 Hot Dogs Didn’t Help

Not even the $3 dollar beers helped either.

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was incredible weather on Wednesday night, with the earlier rains cooling off the air around DFW. What wasn’t cool was the way FC Dallas performed. It wasn’t cool that this was the second straight home loss. The only thing that was cool, other than the weather, was the $3 beers and $1 hot dogs they were serving tonight. Not even that made the sting of this loss subside.

We Lost to Their B-Team

You can argue that two of their back three were starters while our two starting CBs are still out all you want. That is not even a starter for a discussion. Seattle came in here and benched all their good players to start the game, and played us to a draw AT HOME with their B team. Unfortunately, it didn’t end in a draw though, because Brian Schmetzer knew by halftime that if he put in just one or two more of his starters then this game would end in three points. And by God did he do it.

It was our second home loss in a row. We were once awesome at home, we were once a hard team to play against. To add to it, there was a pretty large contingent of Seattle fans around the stadium. Not just in the away section, but literally all around the stadium. Do you know why? Because the Sounders know how to run a franchise, and when you run a franchise right, you can attract fans from places other than in your own city. FC Dallas does not have a properly run franchise. I doubt the ownership cares anyway.

$3 Beers and $1 Hot Dogs

While the Texas Rangers have made Wednesday's dollar hot dog night popular, it seems like FC Dallas wanted to hop on that bandwagon too. Unfortunately, the $3 beers were for Budweiser and Tecate only, though the hot dogs were quite good for $1. Six hot dogs and two beers were just $12, that’s a good deal. It still didn’t help in dealing with the absolute garbage dump I was watching on the field. Should’ve used the $3 beers to wash my eyes out, maybe if I went blind I would be spared from seeing this team play soccer again.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Why do we even come anymore?” - Guys three rows behind me in FCD gear.

Did you take advantage of the $1 hot dogs and the $3 beers tonight? If you watched from home, did you turn it off right after the goal? Do you think the Hunt’s care how Seattle runs their franchise? Let me know in the comments below.