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East Stand View: Relegate Us Already

No, seriously, just relegate us already.

MLS: FC Dallas at Portland Timbers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, I’d come on here and recap kind of the weird, frustrating, or quirky things that happen either on the broadcast or live in the stadium after the games have happened. Just so anyone that missed the game live/broadcast can get a little taste other than the standard recap. Then a rant, or a random opinion here or there on the goings-on of FC Dallas. This time, however, I’m going to vent more than talk about the actual game and I encourage you to vent here if you’d like.

Portlandia is Hell (Relegate Us)

Not the TV show, that show is fine, but the display we put out there when we visit is usually horrendous. Yes, we won a penalty shootout over there last time, that was incredible, but the last time we beat them over there Fabian Castillo scored and assisted. It really hasn’t just been this visit to Portland though is it? In our worst season in history, we only came away with six wins total, so we’re a third of the way there with two. We’re also about a third of the way through the season, so, if we continue like this it seems like we’re projected to have our worst season in history.

It doesn’t even seem like the Hunts want to get better. Sure, we bring in bargain bin players to try and strengthen the squad every offseason, but we turn around and sell players to Europe and we get worse the next season. That’s basically their business plan, and the owners have free reign to do it because there’s no relegation. There’s no punishment for our club doing so poorly. What’s going to happen? Less fans come to games? Like that’s possible. Even if the small fanbase shrinks, even more, we can just sell another academy player for a few million to make up for it. No worries on the Hunt’s part, they’re doing great.

Next Two Games

Our next home game is against the LA Galaxy after we play the Colorado Rapids on Wednesday. If we think we’re low in the standings right now, just wait until we play 4th place Colorado and 3rd place LA Galaxy. Between FC Dallas and the Texas Rangers, I’m not sure which team should currently hold the ‘worst team in North Texas’ title. Even the Dallas Wings are doing better than this. We’re in for a rough week (season?) FC Dallas fans.

Finally, your fan quote of the night: “‘Bressan doing what he can’...which is f@ck all”. - u/Elguapo361

I know my article was pretty vague, anything, in particular, you would like to rant about here? Are we just unlucky, or is this really going to be the level we stay at for the rest of the season? Think we should be relegated? Let me know in the comments below!