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East Stand View: Pride Night!

What better night to go to an FC Dallas game than Pride Night?!

MLS: New England Revolution at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

June is Pride month and FC Dallas’ Pride Night is at the top of my list for recommended match days to see the team live, along with the July 4th game and opening day of course. The crowd was ample and jazzed up for the game even though we are starting this season the slowest we’ve ever started a season. The weather, which has been murder the past few weeks, seemed to let up a little for this match but at least we got to see a former US national team manager get frustrated.

Y’all Means All

Pride celebrations may be a little corporatized nowadays, but it’s still important that it’s celebrated. Though the Hunts took a while getting a Pride Night going, it seems to be getting a really great crowd out. The amount of FC Dallas rainbow training tops that were around the stadium was heartwarming to see, and I heard they’re becoming harder to come by. Hoping FC Dallas continues to embrace Pride Night. Before the match, rainbow-colored smoke was released in the section formerly known as the Beer Garden which was pretty nice too.

Photo via Drew Epperley, Big D Soccer

The stadium was pretty packed for a night that was previously forecasted to get rain. The East stand was jam-packed to pre-pandemic levels, while the west side was fairly full. Ticket prices for the west side are always a little inflated, which always pushes more people to the east side. The weather was hot and humid to start the match, but by the end of the match, the breeze coming in felt absolutely incredible. The breeze certainly helped add to the enjoyment of watching the win and watching Bruce Arena get flustered.

We Did a Thing!

We finally won! Not only did we win, but we also beat the best team in the East. We doubled our win count in one game and saw Ricardo Pepi grow up before our very eyes. Not sure if anyone really predicted getting all three points from this one, but if you did, you’re buying my next lottery ticket.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Look! Bruce Arena finally arose from his perch!”

Were you excited for Pride Night, or did you even know it was Pride Night this past Sunday? Was the weather not absolutely perfect? If you weren’t there, was Bruce Arena getting mad the highlight, or Pepi grabbing a brace for the win? Let me know in the comments below!