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Player Ratings: FC Dallas vs. Portland Timbers

FC Dallas elevated their play in a one sided win over the Timbers, let’s see which players made it possible.

SOCCER: MAY 01 MLS - Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We can all take our finger off the panic button, at least for another week. It took three weeks, but FC Dallas finally gave the fans something to indicate that the team is heading in the right direction.

FC Dallas got a convincing 4-1 victory over a fully rotated Portland Timbers.

Most fans expected or demanded a big victory over a weakened Timbers, and the team was happy to deliver.

I'm well aware that the high ratings were achieved against lesser opposition, so take it easy on me this week.

Note: 6 is the rating given for an average MLS performance

SOCCER: MAY 01 MLS - Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Phelipe (7.1) - Phelipe had one save and one goal allowed, but all I can remember is this:

I honestly can’t remember the last time an FC Dallas goalkeeper had an assist.

Editor’s Note: It was 2011 on a Kevin Hartman punt to Marvin Chavez.

Bressan (7.7) & Jose Martinez (7.1) - Bressan has been without a doubt a completely different player so far this season. You could make the argument that Bressan has been the best backline player in the first three matches of the season. He added some offense to go with that stellar defense:

Jose Martinez continued his solid start to the regular season. With both of these players performing so well to start the season, Luchi will have a tough choice to make once Matt Hedges returns from his minor injury.

Ryan Hollingshead (7.1) & Eddie Munjoma (6.1) - Ryan returned to his preferred position at left back, and it showed. Hollingshead was a difference-maker at left back and I'm hoping that Luchi will keep him there moving forward.

At this point it's all about getting Munjoma minutes with the first team, so we shouldn't look too deeply into his performance.

Tanner Tessman (6.6), Bryan Acosta (6.9) & Andres Ricaurte (8.0) - The midfield looked so much better with three 8s in the middle. Tanner showed more confidence and better reaction time compared to last week.

Acosta looked more energized early but appeared to take his foot off the gas once the team went up 3-0.

Ricaurte looked comfortable playing much higher. Ricaurte is your Man of the Match, putting the team up early:

Jader Obrian (7.6), Freddy Vargas (6.8) & Ricardo Pepi (6.6) - The attack finally came to life. albeit against a rotated squad. Still, attackers need a dose of confidence from time to time, and hopefully, it leads to more plays like this:


Franco Jara (6.3), John Nelson (7.0), Dante Sealy (7.1), Paxton Pomykal (6.5), & Eddie Munjoma (6.2) - The subs got meaningful minutes, and delivered performances to build upon.

This play was an all substitute collaboration, as you get Paxton with the beautiful pass to spring Jara, who then feeds Dante for the exclamation point on the victory.

More of that, please!

Luchi (7.1) - Luchi gets credit for not overthinking his lineup, and making sure complacency did not set in. He also delivered more "Play the Kids", and we love to see that.