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East Stand View: No Flinching

Don’t even start apologizing for what happened Hoops faithful.

MLS: Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It was a gorgeous Saturday night in most of the DFW area, and there was a good crowd out at Toyota Stadium even with the limited capacity seating. It kind of feels like some of the more dedicated fans are getting out there, with fair weather fans more staying home. Speaking of fans, not one fan of the Hoops should be apologizing for what Ryan Hollingshead did, not a one. It was also nice to get back to winning ways, even if it came three games in...

Hollingshead vs Giovanni

I’m not sure why FC Dallas fans seem to always apologize for incidents and occurrences with our team even when it’s not our team’s or fan’s fault. One of these incidents occurred in this past Saturday’s game that started with a ball going out of bounds while we were up 3-1.

The ball went out, and Ryan was walking towards a fresh ball like any normal player in any professional soccer game would do when up 3-1. He wasn’t jogging or sprinting towards the fresh ball on the pedestal because there’s literally no professional soccer player whose team that is 3-1 up that would in their right mind do that. That’s when Portland Timbers head coach, Giovanni Savarese, decided to pick up the ball that went out of play and toss it at Ryan Hollingshead’s head while he wasn’t looking. Then on top of that, he started yapping at Ryan Hollingshead about time-wasting which he really wasn’t doing much of.

With Giovanni being a little turd, Ryan is looking for a teammate to throw to while listening to the Venezuelan coach whining and then pump-faked the ball at Gio once the head coach got unbearable. He received a yellow for the incident, which is fair, and it got the team fired up to finish out the game well. There is no reason, no reason at all any FC Dallas fan should apologize for what Hollingshead did, and I’m really happy he said he’d do it again. That’s the kind of passion we need on this team.

Other GameDay Takeaways

Great crowd on Saturday, and the Hoops faithful got to see Dante Sealy grab a goal! A special moment for the young man as he continues to grow with FC Dallas. While Portland did have a number of starters out, it was still really important to get this win especially with the Houston Dynamo coming into town next week. Noticed that the goal music changed, maybe they decided having songs for each player wasn’t working out?

And finally, your player quote of the night: “I’d do it again” - Ryan Hollingshead

Did you think what Ryan Hollingshead did was absolutely unacceptable? Or do you think he should do it to the next whiney coach that tosses a ball at his head? Do you think the limited capacity is keeping away more fair-weather fans? Let me know in the comments below!