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FC Dallas vs Colorado Rapids: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the stats and comments from the loss in Colorado.

FC Dallas stumbled again on the road as they lost to the Colorado Rapids 3-0.

FC Dallas Head Coach Luchi Gonzalez

What do you want to say to fans….

It’s MLS - we have to win. If you don’t win then you’re not going in the right direction in MLS. If you look at the stats we had more duels, we had more possessions and we had more shots but we lost 3-0. It’s a cruel game and I take full responsibility. And any upset fans? I understand they should be and I’m sorry because of all of our intentions and all of our work, you know, the energy and effort we put into our preparation is to win.

We have seven shots to two in the first 12 minutes and they scored on their second shot and we didn’t score on our first seven. We’re not efficient right now and, again, that’s the game we play. Colorado fans are happy. They didn’t dominate the game but they dominated this score.

On the PK save followed by the second goal…

It’s a big blow. It was an innocent moment that, you know, we kind of survived the PK situation. Jimmy makes a great save and within a minute, you know, we’re not cautious and we don’t clear the first second ball and a dead ball and we’re running past the ball without it being a clear possession and then all of a sudden they’re getting shot in our six-yard box. It’s a pretty poor goal to give up. Again, we can have all these stats and dominate but, in these key moments, if we don’t make key plays or defend well then you don’t win soccer games. We need to defend better. We’re defending with the ball. We’re creating but if at the very least we create 21 shots and we don’t score, then we need to at least find a way to make it 0-0 and defend as a block and as a unit together and not give away the goals like we did tonight.

FC Dallas Midfielder Bryan Acosta

On the team having defensive mistakes in the match…

We didn’t just make defensive mistakes. We also need to recognize that there were chances we could have scored. Unfortunately, we didn’t take advantage of them, we didn’t finish them. The team is together, we can’t just single out the defense part of the team. On the field, it’s 11 players. It’s unfortunate that the second goal hit Tanner and we couldn’t clear it well, but we can’t blame anyone. We’re all men, we’re 11 players, we’re 30-something players and staff on this team and we’re all in this together. We’re all capable of getting out of this.

FC Dallas Defender Ryan Hollingshead

On how the team can begin to capitalize on its chances…

First and foremost, I think it’s just being more clinical in our finishing and that goes for all of us. That goes for me as an outside back. I pride myself on scoring goals and I need to be the one also putting away goals. We’ve had moments to put away games early and haven’t been able to do it. The second thing is not getting impatient and stretching our team. I think we’ve seen the last couple of games that we aren’t putting chances away so we get a little desperate and our lines get a little bit spread and they can catch us on the counterattack. I think that comes out of desperation and wanting to put away a goal. We get our numbers forward and don’t stay in our prevention (shape) like we need to. So, it’s being more clinical and being more patient and sticking to our game plan so we’re at least not conceding while we wait for those goals to come.