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East Stand View: It’s Not Just Jara

Holy bologna, I can’t believe we’re this bad.

MLS: FC Dallas at Minnesota United FC David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

It was a nice, but sort of humid day on Saturday afternoon in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. Rain was predicted for several days straight since May showers bring June flowers or whatever they say. The weather wasn’t the only damper, unfortunately, watching our FC Dallas lose in Minnesota to a last-minute heartbreaking goal was a damper that I’m still feeling. Even as I write this today. But to blame just one player...

Franco Jara

Franco Jara is not our biggest problem. He is a liability on this team, so far this season, but he isn’t our biggest problem. Our biggest problem is our seeming ineptitude in our build-up. We have decent build-up play on almost none of our possessions. We always look disjointed, and it doesn’t help that Jara seems to sabotage most of the decent chances that actually get to him. Like I said though, it’s not all Franco, it seems to be the system we’re playing in and our inability to really get anyone many chances.

Give Luchi Time

The Portland game is our only multi-goal game, the other four are split between getting shut out and scoring only a singular game. To the point of the anti-Jara Faction, Jara has not scored any of the six goals through our first five games. He has an assist, but that’s pretty much it. Our team has been stagnant outside of one match. Luchi is another problem, but we have to give him some leeway to figure things out before.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “there is just too much going wrong right now and it is making the whole team look incompetent.” - CodyGamond24. Pretty spot on.

Do you think Jara is our number one problem right now or just one of many problems? Are you done with Luchi, or are you a little more cool-headed? What is your biggest issue with this team? Let me know in the comments below!