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2021 FC Dallas player salaries revealed

As we all expected (or feared), Franco Jara is making bank with FC Dallas.

MLS: Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It has been nearly two years since we last got a glimpse of what FC Dallas players (along with the rest of Major League Soccer) are making thanks to the MLSPA’s reveal of salaries that comes out. In 2020, thanks to the pandemic, we had no clue really what each team's salary or compensation was and had to go off of the 2019 numbers.

Today, that has changed as the MLSPA revealed the latest salary and compensation figures for the new season. And boy, FC Dallas’ numbers are eye-opening for a change.

2021 Salaries

First Name Last Name Club Position(s) Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
First Name Last Name Club Position(s) Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Bryan Acosta FC Dallas M $650,000.00 $700,000.00
Matheus Bressan FC Dallas D $536,000.00 $582,340.00
Nkosi Burgess FC Dallas D $66,724.00 $66,724.00
Edwin Cerrillo FC Dallas M $95,000.00 $110,000.00
Justin Che FC Dallas D $80,000.00 $89,209.00
Kalil Elmedkhar FC Dallas M-F $63,547.00 $63,547.00
Jesus Ferreira FC Dallas F $550,000.00 $550,000.00
Matt Hedges FC Dallas D $850,000.00 $850,000.00
Ryan Hollingshead FC Dallas D $346,500.00 $346,500.00
Franco Jara FC Dallas F $2,290,000.00 $2,977,000.00
Jose Antonio Martinez FC Dallas D $600,000.00 $673,000.00
Jimmy Maurer FC Dallas GK $158,125.00 $160,625.00
Phelipe Megiolaro FC Dallas GK $150,000.00 $176,250.00
Eddie Munjoma FC Dallas D $66,724.00 $66,724.00
John Nelson FC Dallas D $115,000.00 $123,000.00
Jader Obrian FC Dallas M $360,000.00 $444,600.00
Ricardo Pepi FC Dallas F $90,000.00 $108,000.00
Paxton Pomykal FC Dallas M $600,000.00 $600,000.00
Beni Redzic FC Dallas M $63,547.00 $71,169.00
Bryan Reynolds FC Dallas D $200,000.00 $228,000.00
Andres Ricaurte FC Dallas M $450,000.00 $487,178.00
Thomas Roberts FC Dallas M $150,000.00 $163,000.00
Dante Sealy FC Dallas F $100,000.00 $113,400.00
Brandon Servania FC Dallas M $230,400.00 $271,400.00
Tanner Tessmann FC Dallas M $115,000.00 $120,125.00
Ema Twumasi FC Dallas F $200,000.00 $246,900.00
Freddy Vargas FC Dallas M-F $160,000.00 $186,000.00
Kyle Zobeck FC Dallas GK $85,444.00 $85,444.00
$9,422,011.00 $10,660,135.00

The top earners

First up is Franco Jara at nearly $3 million. Yeah, FC Dallas has not spent this much on a player in a long time, if ever. Sure, they got plenty of money in from transfers last year for Reggie Cannon, Bryan Reynolds (who has still listed here thanks to technically being on loan right now), and Zdenek Ondrasek. But $3 million for a guy that hasn’t exactly found his footing in MLS so far is tough to see. And if you span out a bit to the entire league, he is in the top ten for highest earners. Yeah, that hasn’t been a thing for an FC Dallas player in a long, long time.

After Jara is where things get interesting for me. The club prioritized defense with four of the top ten earners on the ten making at least $300k (Matt Hedges, Ryan Hollingshead, Bressan, and Jose Martinez). I’m all for a team spending good money on defense, so hopefully, this pans out well for the club in 2021.

The other top ten earners that are intriguing are Homegrown players Jesus Ferreira and Paxon Pomykal. Both are earning very well for players of their age in MLS, which should be another solid selling point for young players in the Academy looking to move up into the professional ranks one day.

Wild numbers indeed

Aside from Jara’s jaw-dropping figure, the next one that has me puzzled a bit is Ema Twumasi coming in at almost $250k in total compensation. This is due to how his Generation Adidas deal was structured but it is still intriguing to see him earn more than a couple of guys that are starting right now (Tanner Tessmann and Eddie Munjoma).

Speaking of Tessmann and Munjoma, their figures are a little lower than I would have anticipated. I would have imagined that Tessmann would have gotten a deal a little closer to Brandon Servania when he signed. While I do think Munjoma’s number is low (he’s on one of the lower-end deals in MLS), he did have a ton of players above him going into last year when he signed his rookie deal, so it does fit a little bit in my head. It just reminds me of Cannon’s original deal before he re-signed last winter.

Quick Thoughts

  • I’ll let someone smarter do the math on Jara’s goal per dollar output. But I would imagine it is pretty crazy.
  • Jara is earning more than guys like Nico Loderio (Seattle), Carlos Gil (New England), Nani (Orlando City), and Lucas Zelarayan (Columbus). Yeah, that is insane to me too.
  • These numbers also show me the desperate need for FC Dallas to figure out how to sign a $1 million playmaker one day, a la Seattle in how they structure their DP deals.
  • Goalkeeper Phelipe’s deal is actually not as high as I originally thought it would be, which is good since you really should never spend a ton of money on a keeper in MLS.
  • Kahil Elmedkhar’s the lowest-paid player on the team and FC Dallas spent about that salary amount to get his HGP rights from Philadelphia too.