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East Stand View: I Miss The Cars

No, I don’t mean the band. I mean the San Jose car support section.

MLS: FC Dallas at San Jose Earthquakes Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It was pretty fantastic weather on Saturday. The sun was out, a slight breeze, and some early afternoon soccer. The Hoops were away to San Jose, which was strange as west coast games are normally a little later. I missed the cars though. We were on TUDN this time, with Matias Almeyda coaching San Jose, it was of special interest to any Chivas fans wanting to watch their old coach before their main team played later. Coming back to FC Dallas, you already know the result, but here’s another place to vent about the ridiculous match we had to watch.

Missed chances and VAR (bad defending)

Can scarcely believe we didn’t get more goals in this match, especially after the opening few minutes with a few opportunities that went begging. With the goalie giving the ball away, then a couple of one on ones messed up by Jader Obrian, and then a miraculous goal-line clearance where maybe a better finish should’ve been applied. Our attack should be better this season. Franco Jara had a full offseason with us, we brought on Freddy Vargas and Obrian to help provide him with support from the flanks. Add them to Andres Ricaurte and then a returning Paxton Pomykal. Yes, we scored a goal through a nice opportunistic rebound, and even better that it was Ricardo Pepi. But shouldn’t we be better than one goal in two games?

Now, I know everyone went after VAR after the two penalty kicks. But, we were defending pretty terribly all game. Shouldn’t our anger be geared towards our defense giving up three goals to the San Jose Earthquakes? The VAR is usually a pretty good scapegoat, but I’m not buying it this game. Maybe the three at the back isn’t working?

The Cars

Last season during the less vaccinated months of COVID season, the San Jose Earthquakes had a car section where their fans could be in a parking lot and watch the game on the big screen and honk as cheering. It was awesome, and I missed it in this game. I know the fans were in the stadium now, but how awesome was their outdoor car parking supporter section? It was way cooler than their attendance Saturday.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Obrian? More like Obad.” - dumb jokes are better when you’re frustrated...

Are you just as confused as to how bad our attack is after the offseason and reinforcements? Did you miss the cars that San Jose had honking last season? Do you still blame VAR, or after thinking about it maybe it was our garbage defending? Let me know in the comments below!