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East Stand View: COVID Attendance?

They said we were sold out capacity wise, it just looked like a normal attendance game.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It was a chilly Saturday evening in Frisco, Texas as we welcomed in another MLS season. We were apparently sold out at COVID-capacity, although the attendance for the day looked pretty normal for an FC Dallas game. The Beer Garden changed in that it was no longer on the north side of the stadium. And there was a buffet near the supporters’ section, that may have been a one-time thing though. First, though, the attendance was....normal...

The Usual Crowd

Though the FC Dallas Twitter called tonight a sellout, it definitely looked like our regular attendance. Socially distanced for the most part, scattered throughout parts of the stadium, clumps of fans tried to stay warm while watching a game that gave very little for them to cheer about. We did cheer for Mikey Barrios while he was being subbed out, which was fine as he looked threatening for most of the match, but it was really good to see him even if it was in an opposing team’s jersey. Where there wasn’t much social distancing was in the Beer Garden...or should we just say Supporter’s Section now?

No More Beer Garden

If you went to the game, you may have noticed that the north side of the stadium was missing the rowdy crowd usually in attendance. Instead, it was replaced by a big ‘Thank You Fans!’ sign covering the bleachers. As you can tell in the top picture, there wasn’t as much social distancing in the supporter’s section. Not sure you’re able to socially distance in a supporter’s section though, but it is now moved and sometimes they may have free hot dogs up there. If they did free hot dogs more often, man, I’d be all for that.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “We’re still the same. We look to finish in the box, but our first touch is ass. Also, Jimmy = beast.”

Did you get to make it out to the game this past Saturday? If so, did you sit in the Supporter’s Section or in the spaced-out clumps of people elsewhere? If not, were you not surprised that our reduced capacity sell-out just looks like normal attendance? Let me know in the comments below!