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Why FC Dallas selling Thiago Santos is good business

FC Dallas will have opened up an international roster spot and earned some good money in the process.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: FC Dallas has now made this move official.

Late yesterday, a news report out of South American stated that FC Dallas was on the verge of selling defensive midfielder Thiago Santos to Brazilian side Germio. It turns out that report may very well end up being accurate.

Our friend Jon Arnold at The Striker Texas (a really good website for all things soccer in Texas if you haven’t seen it by now) is reporting that his sources are confirming the report and that FC Dallas has indeed worked out a deal to sell Santos.

FC Dallas will pocket somewhere in the ballpark of $1-1.3 million for Santos in the process. Not a bad return on the investment that saw them spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $700k to get him from Palmeiras ahead of the 2020 season.

Normally it would be a pretty big bummer to see a player like Santos go but given that FC Dallas has a bit of a log-jam at the defensive midfield spot and that it will free up an international roster slot that could easily go towards a summer Designated Player signing, this move makes a lot of sense. FC Dallas has been linked with a couple of foreign players in recent weeks (one attacking midfielder and one winger).

Santos has not been seen in training since last week and was not a part of the team that went to San Antonio last weekend either.

What do you make of this news for FC Dallas? Bummed to see Santos leave or excited about the type of possibilities of him leaving will bring?