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Big D Daily: News for Friday, March 12, 2021

Remember how things were a year ago today?

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It is kind of crazy to me that a year ago, we were trying to figure out when our next game may actually be here for FC Dallas. The team was set to go to New York City when the pandemic hit and things started to get postponed left and right and before we knew it, we were waiting until August to see them play again.

// FC Dallas //

FC Dallas’ Jesus Ferreira earns spot on US Olympic qualifier roster - Big D Soccer
FC Dallas will lose one player to Olympic qualifying here as Ferreira earns a spot on the roster.

With Texas now open, MLS teams make attendance plans for 2021 | The Striker Texas
FC Dallas is still deliberating what they want to do in terms of attendance and policies for the games. I'd imagine they'll follow the Dynamo here with a portion of their stadium open.

// MLS //

MLS expansion update: Five cities vying for a spot – The Athletic
Phoenix, San Diego, Detroit and Las Vegas have renewed MLS expansion hopes after the opening of Sacramento's spot. But the bigger comment may be on how MLS is eyeing 32 teams now instead of just 30. My gut tells me Phoenix and Vegas are the logical spots. I still think a Tampa or Indy could also sneak in down the road (a la how Charlotte got into MLS) if Sacramento doesn't get their crap together.

Nashville SC launch fan preview center for new soccer-specific stadium |
Nashville's new stadium will open next season but the construction on it is well underway here.

‘We’re not in any rush:’ Timbers satisfied with roster depth - Stumptown Footy
The Portland Timbers are satisfied with where their roster stands at the moment, a statement we're probably going to hear a lot more this spring from MLS clubs.

LA Galaxy sign French midfielder Samuel Grandsir - LAG Confidential
This could end up being one of those sneaky good moves for the Galaxy. A younger guy with experience, instead of a older more expensive player.

Vancouver Whitecaps to call Rio Tinto Stadium home to start 2021 - RSL Soapbox
This is one I missed the other day but it appears RSL will welcome Vancouver to town this year as their home away from home.

// USMNT //

Armchair Analyst: Questions about the US U-23 Olympic qualifying roster |
There were certainly some big questions surrounding this roster for the US. I think we're all hopeful but we know the tall task in front of this group.

Head coach Jason Kreis explains final US U-23 Olympic roster decisions |
There is a lot of good praise here for Jesus Ferreira as Kreis explains some of his picks for the roster.