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Four questions facing FC Dallas ahead of the 2021 preseason camp

Even if there isn’t a lockout in MLS, FC Dallas has plenty of questions facing them ahead of a preseason camp.

MLS: Cup Conference Semifinals-FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

We’re a few days into the month of February, typically a time when we’re a week or two in to preseason camp. This year is certainly already showing itself to be different for MLS and FC Dallas with a start date to the regular season being pushed to April and a pending lockout looming around the corner.

Still, as the dust has settled on a pretty solid week of business for FC Dallas, there are still some looming questions that the club is facing as we get closer to a potential preseason camp later this month.

Who exactly will start at right back?

We’ve discussed this a couple of times on this space already in the last year. First when Reggie Cannon was getting ready to leave for Europe and then again with Bryan Reynolds was linked with a slew of Champions League caliber teams.

With the talks of another Homegrown defender (Justin Che) heading overseas this year for at least the next few months, you have to wonder out loud again, who will be the day one starter at right back in 2021?

My gut tells me we’re looking at a combination of Ryan Hollingshead shifting back to the right side with John Nelson on the left, or head coach Luchi Gonzalez taking another young player in Eddie Munjoma or Ema Twumasi and making them into the next right back worth keeping an eye on. I’d also say to not sleep on someone like Bressan getting some time at right back too this year.

Which Homegrown is next to be loaned or sold?

We know Justin Che is technically next. But who is after that. Given how things are going right now and a possible lockout on the way, it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities to see FC Dallas get another move for one of their youngsters done too.

Keep in mind, there were six players that went to Germany last month for a training stint with two of those six (Edwin Cerrillo and Brandon Servania) getting some additional looks by an Austrian club. That doesn’t mention Thomas Robert’s time in the UK over the last couple of month too or Tanner Tessmann getting some more eyeballs on him after his debut with the United States’ national team last week.

Let’s just say, all are on the table in my mind.

What roster move is next?

If you are someone who has taken a quick look at the FC Dallas roster any in the last week or so, you know there are some open spots as the team currently has 27 players. So that means three roster spots are up for grabs.

More than likely, that next move will come in preseason camp when the team finally gets on the field. I would imagine the logical move would be to sign 1st round SuperDraft pick, Nicky Hernandez.

But with this pending lockout, a lot of that could easily change on us here.

Will the next Designated Player be a big enough name to excite fans?

I probably should have pulled this question out onto it’s own separate article but given the time available right now to me, here we are asking it here. After the last couple of years, FC Dallas has made quite a large sum of money that most MLS clubs would be jealous of here.

Our founding father Daniel Robertson had this to say about it:

Altogether, we’re possibly talking about the team netting upwards of $20 million if you include all those that Daniel didn’t there. Which is crazy that in just a few years time, the club has done what it set out to be, a selling club. They develop, play the players as quickly as possible and then attempt to make bank as quickly as possible on them.

Sure there are some exceptions to the rule but given who left this past offseason, the big question has to start being, when will the influx of talent balance out those leaving in terms of exciting the fanbase again?

We saw this a bit with the Columbus Crew SC last year when they went out in the winter transfer window and snagged the one guy to really put them over the top and win a MLS Cup in Lucas Zelarayán. They took the cash they had and made it count.

So far FC Dallas has made some decent signings this winter but none that really will move the needle. It is time to change that.