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Building for 2022: Looking at the FC Dallas goalkeepers

Only Jimmy Maurer is on the books for 2022 at the moment.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the roster cuts are out of the way for FC Dallas it is time to bring back an old offseason series that we haven’t done in a couple of years. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll look at how FC Dallas will go from where their roster stands today, all the way through the various drafts in December, to the start of training camp in January.

Today we’ll kick this off with a quick look at the goalkeeping situation with the team.

Background information

For starters, I like to point out the salary cap, which the 2021 season was at $4.9 million and will be again for the 2022 season.

MLS teams as most of you know can buy down a player's salary with allocation, either of the general or targeted variety. Those ‘Garber Bucks’ as some like to call it help bring a player's salary cap hit down. In recent years, FC Dallas has received some extra allocation for either earning a spot in the CCL or by not reaching the postseason. This year, they will have to be crafty in getting more through trades.

Typically each year returning players see an increase in their salary unless it has been agreed with the club that they make less, as in the club and player worked out a deal.

Current status and questions

With Tuesday’s roster announcement, we know that backups Kyle Zobeck and Phelipe are not coming back in 2022. Zobeck is out of contract and eligible for free agency, while Phelipe’s loan ended.

So, that just leaves veteran Jimmy Maurer on the roster so far.

Who will the backups be? Right now, that is going to be a question we’ll answer as the offseason goes on. Cheap options to fill at least one of the slots could be to add former HGP keeper and regular 2021 starter at North Texas SC, Richard Sanchez.

The money

Here is what our guys made against the cap in 2021:

Jimmy Maurer - $250,000

Total - $250,000

Money moving forward

We should expect Maurer to get a small bump in 2022, as he signed a contract extension earlier this year. In 2021, FC Dallas only spent a little less than $500k in base salary to three keepers, which is lower than most MLS teams. Teams like Sporting KC and Chicago spent more on one keeper than FCD did on three. Some clubs out there also spend more on one keeper than FCD did on Maurer and Phelipe combined.

Final figures and thoughts

Seeing that there are two open slots right now shows that the club is likely to either pick up a cheap option in the draft, sign a Homegrown keeper, or bring up someone like Richard Sanchez from North Texas SC. Or all three could be on tap since North Texas also doesn’t have any keepers on the books at the moment for 2022 following their roster announcement yesterday.

I’ve long said that you don’t need to spend big on keepers in this league to be successful. Maurer will likely be the starter on day one unless some major move happens to change that thought. But finding some viable backups do need to happen here. I think one of the HGP signings we’ll see this winter will be a keeper. Someone like Antonio Carrera seems like a good option here.

How do you think FC Dallas will handle their keeper situation in 2022? Let’s discuss it below.