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2021 FC Dallas Player Postmortem: Bressan

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The veteran defender had an up and down season in Frisco.

MLS: FC Dallas at Sporting Kansas City Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

We’re continuing on with our 2021 FC Dallas player postmortem series today with the next player in line on the roster (alphabetically speaking that is), veteran defender Bressan.

The Brazilian wrapped up his third season with the club, earning the most minutes and starts since joining the team. He spent most of the season lined up next to Nkosi Tafari as the club had to deal with injuries to veteran defenders Matt Hedges and Jose Martinez for long stretches of the year.

Season Stats

Games Played Games Stated Minutes Played Goals Assists Total Shots Shots on Target Total Passes Successful Passing % Yellow Cards Red Cards
Games Played Games Stated Minutes Played Goals Assists Total Shots Shots on Target Total Passes Successful Passing % Yellow Cards Red Cards
22 20 1746 1 0 11 1 1256 87.6 7 0

Gif that explains their 2021

Just like with many this season with FC Dallas, at times things were going well until they crashed down around them.

Best moment of 2021

There were a few shining moments though none may be better than the win over Portland early in the season (yep, that one is probably going to be a highlight for several players in our postmortem series, so get ready).

Outside of that game, Bressan did pick up the captain’s armband for a long stretch when Hedges was out hurt. Former manager Luchi Gonzalez did appear to have a lot of faith in the Brazilian, something that appeared to go away once Gonzalez was let go in September.

Final thoughts

Bressan did have a couple of nice games over the course of the summer though by the beginning of the fall we did see his playing time take a huge dip as players came back from health. He only appeared in three of the final nine games of the season, with just two of those being the full 90 minutes.

Here is the thing with Bressan, he is a capable and serviceable defender. Just like you could see in the clip above, he could also be dangerous in the penalty box on set pieces (though that was super rare in 2021 for the entire team). But he is so prone to poorly-timed fouls or just bad mental mistakes in his passing game that he can also be a liability on the field. I think we saw that down the stretch, he wasn’t really in Marco Ferruzzi’s plans in the defense either. If Ferruzzi somehow stays on as manager in 2022, Bressan would potentially be an odd-man-out here in the defense.

He’s not a cheap option either at around $500k but he does have a green card to his name, which could come in handy if FC Dallas is looking to move him (he did re-sign to a new deal last year, so the club needs to make a good choice here if they do retain him).

What were your thoughts on Bressan this season? Did he improve any from his first two years? Let us know in the comments below.