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2021 FC Dallas Player Postmortem: Bryan Acosta

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The Honduran DP had his moments but not many of them were great in 2021.

MLS: Sporting Kansas City at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Today we begin our full roster postmortem breakdown for FC Dallas. We’re going to go alphabetical here as much as we can, though we may speed things up at times and go out of order.

We’re looking at one of the two Designated Players for the team, Honduran international Bryan Acosta.

The veteran midfielder finished out his third season with the club this year with statistically his worst season yet in MLS (see below). Part of that was due to the coaching change that happened in September when Luchi Gonzalez was let go in place of current interim manager Marco Ferruzzi. The other part may have had more to do with younger players like Edwin Cerrillo and Brandon Servania getting more minutes down the stretch.

Season Stats

Games Played Games Stated Minutes Played Goals Assists Total Shots Shots on Target Total Passes Successful Passing % Yellow Cards Red Cards
Games Played Games Stated Minutes Played Goals Assists Total Shots Shots on Target Total Passes Successful Passing % Yellow Cards Red Cards
23 16 1573 0 2 24 8 1104 86.60% 7 1

Gif that explains their 2021

Best Moment of 2021

Early on in 2021, Acosta was showing himself to be a leader in the midfield. When the team was struggling to find wins early in the season, it was his play that kept some games close. In previous seasons, Acosta was the guy that wanted to literally shoot for the moon with his attempts on goal. But either it was him realizing he was letting his team and fans down by being a bit more selfish in the attacking third with those wild and crazy attempts, or he somehow just began not shooting high (not that his aim was any better at going lower).

I still look back at the beginning of the year and thought he was one of the better players on the field for the club. Which was sadly saying a lot that during that time he and keeper Jimmy Maurer were the best players on the field for the team.

Possibly the best outing for him (and most of the team for that matter) was an early-season win at home against Portland, where they drubbed them 4-1. Acosta had some strong play in the midfield that night.

Final thoughts

Between the ill-advised corner kicks he took most of the season, the shots that still went high, and losing his starting roster spot towards the end of the season, I think it is possibly safe to say that we saw the last of Acosta in a Dallas uniform. At least that is what we are all hoping for here.

His contract is one of the few that has the least amount of public detail surrounding it at the moment. Thankfully, given how MLS works, we know that most contracts, even DP deals, are typically no more than three years long. So, if he does come back, he will likely have to come down to a reduced rate and open up a DP slot.

Still, the club doesn’t really need him moving forward either. Not that he isn’t a good player or anything (I still believe in the right system, he could thrive in MLS). The problem is, he is not a DP-level guy anymore and at almost 28-years old, he is probably past the prime part of his career.