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Former FC Dallas Homegrown Tanner Tessmann shares who he thinks will be the next head coach

On Tanner’s podcast, he offers up a couple of ideas who he thinks will become the next head coach.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The coaching search for FC Dallas is well underway. The club moved on from Luchi Gonzalez back in September with the hopes that interim coach Marco Ferruzzi could guide the team into the playoffs with eight games to go.

The rest of the story, we know well now, the team struggled under Ferruzzi by only winning one game, losing four, and tying three.

Former Homegrown midfielder Tanner Tessmann was back on his podcast ChumChat (alongside former FCD alumnus Johan Gomez and Judson Burns) recently and offered his take with some honesty about how he thinks things could shake out despite not being close to the situation anymore.

“See to me there are a few options,” explained Tessmann. “This a hot take, by the way, viewers don’t take me verbatim, I’m not in the FC Dallas loop anymore. This is just what I think would be possible. Chuy (Vera) is one coach that has good potential but he isn’t speaking good English. Obviously, it is not a problem in FC Dallas if you are speaking Spanish.

“I think Chuy is a great coach and he would be a great fit but he’s not my number one. FC Dallas is an internal club, so they always hire the next guy. I’d say Eric Quill is going to get the jump up from North Texas. He’s done well there, it’s a development club. How are you not going to give your second team coach, who has done a great job a chance to coach the first team? I’m surprised they didn’t ask him to coach the first team at the end of the year.”

Gomez challenged Tessmann on the Quill suggestion saying that he doesn’t believe the fans would be excited by that hire as it would be basically “Luchi 2.0” at that point.

Tessmann would know Quill well at this point, as he played with North Texas in 2019 under Quill when NTSC won the USL League One title. Tessmann’s other idea is another internal guy that has been floated out there by several folks already this fall.

“My second hot take, which is kind of s stretched out one is Jason Kreis.”

Tessmann discusses the former FC Dallas striker’s coaching resume, at first in some incorrect details (saying he coached in Colorado as opposed to Salt Lake) but he did go on to correct himself with it. He then discussed guys like now-former Houston Dynamo coach Tab Ramos as another option.

When asked by his co-hosts whether or not he thought Ferruzzi would get the job, Tessmann responded with a rather quick “no chance” reply. Though saying that, he did say that Ferruzzi was put in a tough spot at the end of the season.

“It was a tough situation that Marco (Ferruzzi) was put in at the end of the season,” said Tessmann. “It's tough because your leading scorer is also not playing in games because of (World Cup) qualifiers. He got hurt, he was out.”

Watch the full chat here:

Our take on these comments, honestly, I don’t think there was a ton of ‘new’ information shared here that hasn’t already been discussed. I do appreciate their honesty and openness to discuss some of the flaws with the team (Tanner says they need to move back to Dallas but we all know that is beating a dead horse at this point).

The Vera, Quill, Kreis, Ramos suggestions don’t seem too far off in my book. I’d also toss in an Ezra Hendrickson, another former FCD player that has been a long-time assistant in MLS.

So far there aren’t any true official reports out there about the coaching search, which I believe should say something about how it is going (likely more internal than external).

What do you make of Tessmann’s thoughts on the coaching search?