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FC Dallas selects midfielder Nicky Hernandez with the 15th overall pick

FC Dallas stays with someone they know very well in the SuperDraft first round.

North Texas SC

FC Dallas made sure no one was going to mess up their plan in the 2021 MLS SuperDraft on Thursday afternoon as they selected one of their own, in midfielder Nicky Hernandez from SMU/North Texas SC.

Hernandez recently had signed a contract with the club’s USL-1 side North Texas SC. He played three seasons at Southern Methodist University, appearing in 48 matches and recording eight goals and nine assists. In nine games with NTSC in 2020, he scored three goals and added in one assist.

To say FC Dallas is familiar with Hernandez is a complete understatement. They brought him into training a few times over the last year or so and his time with North Texas SC in 2020 gave them plenty to go off of here.

Some may wonder why picking a guy that could have easily ended up with the team this year after spending time with North Texas. Yes, they could have gotten him on loan from North Texas but they needed a way to secure his MLS rights and this draft pick does just that. They obviously rated him high enough to go through this process and didn’t want to lose out on him by seeing another team select him. Still, it is an odd round about way of getting a guy that a lot of us became excited by last year with North Texas.

I would expect he’ll spend a decent portion of 2021 with North Texas and then appear in some games when the schedule gets crazy with international call ups this summer.

What do you all make of this selection by FC Dallas? Disappointed they didn’t go for a defender or something in a position of need?