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Quick Burns: What position should FC Dallas target in the 2021 SuperDraft?

FC Dallas has a solid history of finding gold in the SuperDraft. Can they do it again this year?

MLS: SuperDraft Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday afternoon marks the unofficial start of the 2021 MLS calendar as the league gets together over Zoom for the 2021 SuperDraft.

FC Dallas has five picks in this year’s draft, starting with the 15th pick in the first round. Who should the team target is always a fun debate ahead of the draft but this year it may all come down to talent available. Our staff has some ideas of positions the team needs to target. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Nathan Hill - Best prospect

I think FC Dallas has the luxury to take the best available prospect, but I want to qualify that a bit. Best available prospect in this scenario leans heavily on the prospect side of the equation. I don’t think FC Dallas needs to look for a guy who will contribute to the first team, as it doesn’t look like there will be major holes up for grabs, despite the team needing some depth at right back and maybe on the wings. Rather, FC Dallas can look for guys who need more time to develop with North Texas and have a shot to turn into something down the road. Maybe my answer is too vague, but basically look for attacking talent who can help at North Texas and become great assets for FC Dallas to sell in due time.

Ben Lyon- Another winger:

Sure, why not. The draft more and more is a crap (dice, not doo doo) shoot, and FC Dallas may have what they need on the wings this year. That said, they’re replacing virtually all of their minutes from the wings this year with two newcomers from abroad (O’Brian, Vargas) who might need time to adjust. The other options are all homegrowns with either limited or no professional experience (Sealy, El Medkhar), or two players coming off down years in 2020 who aren’t ‘natural’ wingers (Ferreira, Pomykal). The rest of the roster seems pretty well set, so it’s worth taking a stab at another winger because the club might not have all the answers there yet.

Drew Epperley - stick with the bread and butter

The SuperDraft is going to be more of a crapshoot this year than ever before thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that caused the soccer season in college to be split (though it could end up staying like that, which would be a good thing). In all honesty for what FC Dallas needs out of this draft, it is a mix of finding the best talent available and the best defender available. FC Dallas has always done well at finding talent in the defensive side of things from guys like Walker Zimmerman, to Matt Hedges, to Ryan Hollingshead, and even so to guys that are going to end up as defenders like Ema Twumasi. So, this year, stick with what you know and get the best defender available.

Chico Carmona - Left Back/Wing

I know what you're thinking, we already have Holingshead and Nelson there. Oh yeah, who's behind them? Welbeck from NTXSC?

Let's take a look at right back once Reynolds is gone. You're most likely to see Hollingshead or Bressan fill in on the right side until the new right back starter is determined. The options are Holingshead, Bressan, Ema Twumasi, Eddie Munjoma, Justin Che, and Freddy Vargas (the new signing).

If FC Dallas is forced to play Hollingshead at right back early in the season, then Nelson is your starter at left back. There's nobody behind Nelson, unless you count Welbeck, but he is a USL Championship level player at best.

So FC Dallas needs to draft a left footed player that can play left back or left wing, but preferably both, as those are your two thinnest positions on the roster.