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FC Dallas unveils new secondary kit

A nod to the past era of soccer in Dallas, the Community Kit is all that and more.

If there was ever a time to buy a new FC Dallas kit, this’ years secondary kit may be the one worth shelling out the cash for. FC Dallas unveiled the new Community Kit on Tuesday morning, the jersey features a unique powder blue colorway with bold blue and red details. The Community Kit honors its past and its community of passionate FC Dallas fans across Dallas/Fort Worth.

Sprinkled throughout the front of the jersey are blue and red design elements that represent FC Dallas’ colors and the Texas state flag which also features red and blue.

“I like that it’s a change from the traditional all-white kit,” said midfielder Paxton Pomykal. “It’s different. It stands out and the different colors represent the different personalities on our team.”

As FC Dallas enters its 26th season in MLS, the kit also offers a nod to its North Texas soccer roots by featuring powder blue as the jersey’s primary color. This honors the Dallas Tornado, the North American Soccer League team founded by the late Lamar Hunt whose family currently owns and operates FC Dallas.

The jersey will primarily be paired with blue shorts and socks for the 2021 season.

The Community Kit will be used for the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

My gut reaction in seeing these images of the new kit was overwhelmingly positive. While I have like some of the most recent kit reveals that the club has had over the years, this may be the first one since 2015 or so that I’ve been truly excited and actually want to purchase for myself.

First starters, it isn’t a plain white kit that looks more like a polo shirt than a soccer kit. The light blue is a nice change of pace in terms of color, and paired with blue shorts on game days, it should offer a nice contrast over what we’ve seen in the past (white shirt, blue shorts).

What do you all make of this new kit? Excited to see something not go in the generic white secondary kit route?