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FC Dallas vs Sporting Kansas City: Player Ratings

FC Dallas travelled to Sporting Kansas City, and while they lost a lot of players, they managed not to lose the match.

SOCCER: SEP 02 MLS FC Dallas at Sporting Kansas City Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

FC Dallas travelled to Sporting Kansas City and earned a 1-1 draw, following some really gritty team defending.

Note: 6 is the rating given for an average MLS performance

Man of the Match: John Nelson (7.4) - Nelson lands the honor based on having a sensational defensive showing. Nelson would finish with five tackles, two interceptions, seven clearances, two blocked shots, five recoveries, and one aerial won. Those two blocks were of the sensational diving-save-a-goal types.

Nelson is still a work in progress moving forward, but that will come with additional starts.

Jimmy Maurer (6.2) - Jimmy had not had much to do in front of the net, right up until he was forced to leave the pitch with an injury in the 42nd minute. At that time there had been zero shots on goal by SKC, and all Jimmy had to show for his time was two clearances (one punch).

Matt Hedges (6.2) - Matt wasn’t very busy in the first half, due to solid overall team defensive play. It was still a bit of a shock that Matt did not come out for the second half, and here’s to it being nothing more than a minor knock.

Reto Ziegler (6.6) - Reto was solid without really drawing notice to his play.

Ryan Hollingshead (6.5) - Ryan was solid overall, but he really didn’t do enough to help the attack. His passing was a solid 87.8%, but other than a couple of cross attempts, he was barely involved with the attack.

Thiago Santos (6.9) - Thiago had another excellent defensive showing, but his passing wasn’t on point on the night, and he was part of a midfield that struggled to maintain possession.

Brandon Servania (6.1) - It was very exciting to see Brandon get the start, but he struggled with the physicality of the match. SKC were as physical as they could get away with, fouling Servania a match-high five times. Servania did not handle it well, as he struggled with 73.9% passing on only 23 pass attempts.

Bryan Acosta (6.9) - Acosta only played 18 minutes but he managed to earn an assist on the Jara goal. Acosta was looking in excellent form before having to leave the pitch, and the midfield really struggled following his departure.

Michael Barrios (6.1) - Barrios continues to struggle, and for a player that is a key part of your attack, the 66.7% passing accuracy is simply unacceptable. The knee jerk reaction is to have Barrios benched. The truth is that due to the recent slew of injuries, there simply is no viable option behind Barrios, and he’s just going to have to play through his funk.

Jesus Ferreira (6.4) - Jesus managed to shots on goal, but like the rest of the midfield, simply struggled with his passing against the SKC press.

Franco Jara (7.1) - This is so just so good to see:

Sadly for Jara, for the remainder of the match he simply wasn’t getting enough service from the struggling midfield, an he got even less help from the players on the wings.


Kyle Zobeck (6.4) - Kyle became the oldest player among players taken in the MLS draft to make his MLS debut, at age 30 years old and 209 days. Kyle did so by replacing the injured Jimmy Maurer. While one goal did get past him, Zobeck still finished with two saves and six recoveries. Kyle looked poised and confident in front of the net:

Bressan (6.8) - Bressan’s continues his great run of form, and continues to make the case for increased playing time. Despite only playing one half, Bressan lead the team with 8 clearances, and also lead the team with three blocked shots. Those blocked shots really required Bressan to sacrifice his body for his team, which he did with aplomb. Nobody will be questioning Bressan’s toughness following his performance against SKC:

Santiago Mosquera (6.2) - Santiago came in for Jesus, and while Santiago was certainly more involved in the match than Jesus, it still didn’t add up to much.

Bryan Reynolds (6.1) - Reynolds has looked good in his minutes of play. While he hasn’t been a difference maker, everyone understands that the minutes he’s getting are developmental in nature.

Tanner Tessman (6.5) - Tanner while not being a difference maker on the pitch, was actually the only midfielder that did not struggle with his passing. It was actually a solid performance for Tanner, and one that he can build on.


Luchi Gonzalez (6.3) -It’s hard to fault Luchi for not getting 3 points against a team that well below 100%. Losing three players to injury in the 1st half really tied his hands tactically. At the end of the day, getting one point on the road is always a good result.