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East Stand View: Oscar Pareja Returns To Football Field

Also our attack couldn’t break through an Orlando defense.

MLS: Orlando City SC at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Another partially closed stadium game in Frisco, with the fans seeing the return of Oscar Pareja to the arena. This game also featured football lines on the field, which, let’s be honest we see every year anyway. Last and certainly least is our attack on the night, which was non-existent but at least our FC Dallas defense and Jimmy Maurer helped eek out a point against Orlando City. First though, let’s talk Papi and football.

Papi and Football

Thankfully we hadn’t had any football lines up until this match. I think the weekend before October may be the latest I’ve seen the lines on the field. Not sure if anyone needs a refresher, but since the the stadium was funded in part by public funds, the Hunts have an obligation to share the field with high school football. We’ll likely have to deal with this as long as they’re here.

Although he was back commanding the bad guys, it was really good to see Oscar Pareja back at our home where brought us so much joy. It was extra nice seeing him embrace some of his former players after the match. We’ve moved on to a new guy but still seeing your former guy doing well with a new team is always heart warming. What wasn’t heart warming was that his team actually stood fast defensively...

Red Cards Don’t Help

Remember we started the restart with three straight games with no goals? Well, we’ve gone two games, both against Eastern Conference teams without scoring and it doesn’t help fan confidence that we were a man up for a fifth of the match and still couldn’t find the back of the net. We had some chances true, and Gallese made some good stops, but we really should be putting some of these away. We had our big names Franco Jara and Andres Ricuarte out there and still couldn’t break down a stout Orlando defense. Worrying if we want to have a chance against some of the big boys in this league.

And finally, your fan quote of the night is a moment of silence for the Dallas Stars... Great run guys...

Are you worried about how our attack seems to hit dry streaks or you think it’ll be figured out eventually? Were you happy to see Papi back home? Were you less than happy to see the football lines? Let me know in the comments below!