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Quick Burns: Does FC Dallas need any final reinforcements on their roster?

The roster looks pretty set but there are a couple of places that some added depth could go a long way in this crazy condensed season.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s face it, the heavy MLS schedule is doing a number on a lot of teams and FC Dallas is no stranger to the tired legs and injury list. With the MLS transfer window closing here soon, we thought it was time to bust out a Quick Burn discussion to talk through whether or not the club needed any final reinforcements for the playoff push.

Here are our suggestions, but let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Jason Poon - Winger

Dallas has been using bodies on the wings as a way to get players more minutes but with Santiago Mosquera capable of going 3-4 games in a row without an injury, let’s just call it a loss at this point and move on. Fafa Picault has been fine and so has Michael Barrios but outside of that, there’s not much behind them. They’ve tried plugging Ricardo Pepi out wide and that’s just not a good use of his skill set. Dallas needs someone that can put the fear of God into the opposing defender. Though.... from his last few outings, maybe Dante Sealy is ready to be that player?

Jose Carmona - Veteran Striker

We need a veteran player that can come in for the final 20 minutes and give consistent performances. He should also be able to give Jara a rest from time to time.

Kobra should have been that player, but now he's off scoring goals in the Czech Republic (two goals in three games).

I would prefer a veteran MLS player who can excel during set pieces.

Nathan Hill - Striker/Forward

I’m with both Jose and Jason at this point.

A foreign transfer is possible but it would take time for the player to adjust and make an impact. With Kobra’s position on the roster free, it is a strong possibility though to grab a loanee from South America to come in and provide cover for multiple positions. They would need to be working on that deal now though.

If FC Dallas wanted to be aggressive however, I’d love for them to go after a guy like Chris Wondolowski. He’s at the end of a long great career, San Jose is likely going to go through another rebuild soon, and he would bring fire and energy from a wing or striker position. Yeah, it’s likely wishful thinking, but that is the kind of deal that would make a lot of sense to provide leadership, depth, and help to a team that is poised to make a run for the playoffs.

But I also don’t mind the team thinking about a veteran MLS player who has dropped down to USL-C and could be a boost. Does that player exist?

Ben Lyon - Bayern Munich loaner

Central defender, mid, or winger- give us a prospect! There’s PT to be had. FCD is going to have to rotate players, and a set of young legs with a pedigree seems like a pretty risk free deal for a weird year. What’s Timothy Tillman’s brother Malik doing these days?*

*- Would also be willing to settle for Fabian Castillo.

Drew Epperley - Either another center back or striker

First off, I do love the idea that Ben just suggested about Castillo. That would be a potential game-changer but I know there is work with allocation order and that kind of nonsense that has to happen before we can consider him returning to Frisco (plus, I kind of think Oscar Pareja will want him in Orlando more than he would want to be back here).

Anyways, my thoughts after a 11 or 12 games, whatever it’s been so far, is that this group could use another center back to help Matt Hedges, Reto Ziegler and Bressan get some rotation. We’d need a veteran guy in that area though, similar to what Seattle just did with getting Roman Torres back from Inter Miami.

If that doesn’t work, then like others have suggested getting another striker. Franco Jara has been great for the most part but the workload and number of games is adding up quickly for him and he’s not getting any younger. I would have loved to see Jesus Ferreira step into that role but there is something going on with him in 2020 that I just can’t put a finger on. So, a rental in the form of a veteran striker would be great. Think Carlos Ruiz 2.0 if you will. Something to get this group over the hump in a pinch.

Jeff Loftin - Utility Striker/Winger

The team needs someone to play across the front, someone that can pitch-in during times when a body is needed, someone with experience in the front three playing both wide and through the middle. The defense is...okay, should be fine as long as we do not sustain any injuries to the three central defenders. Jara does a great job, but he is already wearing down and I am worried that he is going to get injured if we do not get him someone to take on some minutes. Perhaps that person is Pepi, but I am still not convinced at this point. Luchi has also taken the steps to play Pepi out wide, and perhaps that is because Jara is so vital to the team.

Regardless, depth is going to be critical. I don’t have a specific player that I would like to go after, but I did see several free agents signed in the offseason that would have really helped out with their versatility. You will know the team is in trouble when you see Barrios playing in the middle and Pepi out wide, so be prepared for this.